12 Things to Do in Phuket

12 Things to Do in Phuket

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Thailand comprises some of the world’s most famous cities and exotic islands.

While Bangkok tops the list of cities, Phuket is a crowned prince of Thailand’s islands. The biggest island almost 49km long, Phuket is too big to be called an island and too rugged to be called a city. It’s a place somewhere between a city and an island that makes it a must visit for tourists.

Whether you are a backpacker, a vacationer or a luxury traveler, here are some of the best things to do while you are in Phuket to make the most of your trip.


12 Remarkable Things to Do in Phuket

1. Visit the Rawai Village

Connecting to the roots of a place is the best way to soak in a city. Head to the Rawai village to experience the lifestyle of the ‘Moken’ belonging to the ‘sea gypsies’ tribe. They are one of the rare tribes of the world who are still untouched by the modernity and remains staunchly committed to their culture and customs. They will greet you politely and serve as a tour guide for your rented tour to the offshore islands, but more than this, it’s hard to win them over.


2. Take a Tour of the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

For all the Rum lovers out there, a visit to the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is a must. The white Rum produced by the company is now getting recognition across the world for its high-end taste and feel. The tour of the distillery gives an up close and personal understanding of how your favorite Rum is produced, distilled and finally, processed. The best part is the last section of the tour when you get to learn the various kinds of cocktails that can be made with Rum and can also enjoy their samples.


3. Take a Thai Cooking Class

Thailand is all about food and the seafood of Phuket is famous all over. It makes complete sense to enroll for a Thai cooking class and understand what goes into making one of the most favorite cuisines of the world. The best part of learning Thai food in Phuket is that it differs from the standard Thai cuisine and has a local touch to it which makes learning super fun.


4. Relax at the Kata and Karon Beach

Why these two beaches out of so many others? All the beaches of Phuket are too good to be true but the Kata and Karon beaches are quieter, less ‘touristy’ and gives you ample space to swim relax and rejuvenate. Kata is still quieter than Karon but together they make for a must visit place in Phuket. Sans the noisy bars, no rock boats and clearer water; this place is an unpolished diamond waiting to be discovered. The sunset at Kata is beautiful and the sands at Karon are finer than many other beaches of Phuket.


5. Enjoy the Serenity of Wat Chalong

Regarded as the most revered temples of Phuket, visiting Wat Chalong is one of the best things to do in Phuket. Amidst the exciting nightlife and busy days, Wat Chalong offers the much needed break and peace. Standing beautifully since centuries, Wat Chalong’s highlight is the grand Pagoda containing a small splinter of the Lord Buddha’s bone. Beautifully decorated, it depicts the life of the lord through images.


6. Take a Kayak Tour to Phang Nga Bay

Many a times a tour to the Phang Nga Bay is not included in the regular Phuket Packages but you just can’t leave Phuket without exploring the limestone cliffs and the unbelievable natural beauty of Phan Nga Bay. Home to 40 mesmerizingly beautiful islands emerging straight out from the sea, there’s so much beauty to see and admire, that you are sure to run out of time. Take a tour guide with you to see the best of the bay.  


7. Visit the Old Phuket Town

You have to visit the old town of Phuket to admire the wonders of the Sino- Portuguese architecture that dominates almost the entire place. Boasting of some exceptional restaurants and cafes, the old Phuket town beckons you for some of the exciting local sightseeing as well. Capture the quaintness of the simple, bustling town, and the smiles of the local people happily agreeing to embrace your camera, and eat some of the most unforgettable meals here.


8. Enjoy the Watersports

Any trip to Phuket is incomplete without enjoying the adventurous watersports at the island. From snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and wakeboarding to simply swimming and kayaking; Phuket is home to some of the most exciting watersports in the world. There are special courses also available to help you perfect the art of snorkeling and diving.


9. Experience the Cable Jungle Adventure

The Khao Phra Taew Royal Wildlife & Forest Reserve is a great place to venture in and do some jungle trekking, but the highlight of the place is the Cable Jungle adventure undertaken by almost every adventure enthusiast coming to Phuket. They offer pickup and drop service and allow you to experience the adventure of 300m long run. In case you run out of guts, they also have adventures starting from 6m to 50 m. Just ensure you wear closed- toe shoes.


10. Take an Island Tour

Professional island boat tours are very popular in Phuket. While you may choose to relax and have a laid back holiday at the beach, if you are an explorer, you must sign- up for the island tour. Surrounding Phuket there are so many island delights that missing them is just not an option. The boat tour takes you to all the major islands and allow you to soak in the pure natural beauty for an entire day.


11. Shop at the Naka Market

The experience of the Naka market or the weekend night market of Phuket (as known by the tourists) is like no other. Starting from fruits, veggies and collectibles to animals and clothes; everything is on beautiful display for you to shop, it is the bustling energy and vibrancy of the market that leaves a lifelong memory in your heart and mind.


12. Don’t Miss the Simon Cabaret Show

While many call it cliché, you absolutely just can’t dismiss this exotic light and dance show by the famous ‘Ladyboys’ of Thailand. It’s been over 2 decades of the famous Simon cabarets show getting accolades from public for their performances every night, by the best of Thailand’s ‘Ladyboys’.


Phuket can provide one of your greatest vacation memories if you know the best things to do here that captures the essence of the island.


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