5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New Year

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New Year

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5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New YearHouse and Home

Hello, friends! As we are beginning a new year, many of us are ready to start working on personal goals or dreams. Those of us with “house-shaped hearts” know that our home plays a big role in how we feel and the life we live, too. I really do believe that being organized in our home makes a significant difference in fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions!

It’s an excellent time to consider how each space in our home serves us (or doesn’t) and find simple ways to make some improvements so our home can better support our goals. Organization offers us more time for what matters to us. Best of all, streamlining and organizing means we can live with less stress and more joy every day.

Here are five ways to organize your home for your happiest New Year yet!

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New YearHouse and Home

Set up a space for pursuing your goals.

It’s a new year, so harness the power of possibilities this year. Start with a space dedicated to inspiring your goals. You don’t have to have a big house in order to have space for working or dreaming. You can set up a little nook, or a secretary desk, a craft table, a shelf in a closet…or carve out an entire office space. Create a place to keep your supplies so you can grab what you need easily. Create a vision board to inspire you to dream and go for your goals. Get yourself a special box or binder to keep papers organized and streamlined. Set out a planner for goal setting and time management.

Get inspired by these creative studios and craft rooms and these pretty office inspiration boards. (And if you see blogging in your plans for 2018, check out my post with tips and secrets to success!)

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New YearHouse and Home

Live your best life with a streamlined entry.

A streamlined entry really can help set the tone for the life you want to live. Getting out the door in the morning can be a hectic experience if you don’t have simple organizational systems in place. And let’s face it, arriving home to a cluttered entry isn’t the best way to be welcomed home. Being able to walk in the front door without tripping on shoes and backpacks is basically living my best life, if you know what I mean. If you don’t have enough closet space for your entry, add plenty of hooks and baskets so your floor can remain clear.

Get inspired by my daughter Kylee’s townhouse entry hall and these Solutions for a Small or Non-Existent Entry.

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New YearCountry Living

Prepare your pantry for wellness resolutions.

Feeling energetic and healthy is important to our overall sense of well-being. If your New Year’s goals include eating well and taking better care of yourself, take some time to get your kitchen and pantry organized to support your wellness goals!

Clear out the junk and packaged food you don’t want to eat. Yes, that means clear out your fridge of all those leftover holiday goodies. Toss the unhealthy stuff so there isn’t even a temptation to finish it. Write down recipes you plan to make and shop in advance for fresh and healthy food.

A streamlined attractive pantry can be inspiring and motivating. Transfer bulk goods from bags into glass jars for a more visually appealing way to see what you have on hand. Prepare a healthy snack drawer or bin. Tape up a list of recipes and meals that are easy to prepare so you can fix a healthy meal or snack almost as quickly as you could speed dial a pizza delivery.

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New YearHouse and Home

Create a getaway from daily stress.

If you have a lot going on this year, you’ll want a place to recharge. A trip to Hawaii would be amazing, of course (right?), but consider ways that your own bedroom at home could inspire rest and rejuvenation every day. Streamline the storage and eliminate clutter so when you enter the room, you instantly feel the pressures of the day melt away!

Get inspired by these 7 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom on a Budget.

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New YearCountry Living

Streamline surfaces for simplified living.

One of the easiest steps you can take in organizing your home is to focus on streamlining the surfaces. Cluttered tables and floors make an entire room feel disorganized and can even alter how you live in your space.

Clearing off the surfaces can drastically change the entire room. Though ideally you may want every drawer and closet decluttered and organized, when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mess, start by clearing off a surface! Streamlining surfaces is a manageable and tangible goal that can give you a sense of hope and accomplishment right away.

PS. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and New Year. We sure did–it was such a nice restful time with family. I’m super excited to dive into more of a routine, although I remember from years past that it takes me about a week into January to reset and get into a rhythm again. It’s nice to give ourselves a grace week!

Happy New Year organizing, friends!

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New Year

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5 Ways to Organize Your Home for a Happy New Year

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