Advanced Toner Tips for Lasting Hydration – GLOW RECIPE

Advanced Toner Tips for Lasting Hydration – GLOW RECIPE

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The 7 Skin Method is our favorite skincare trend to emerge from Korea for its super simple application and immediate and visible results. Reacquaint yourself with the OG 7 Skin Method blog post, as reported on by our co-founder Sarah! To summarize and cover our 7 Skin Method bases:

  • apply multiple layers of a hydrating toner to hydrate skin from the inside out
  • pat, pat, pat each dime-sized layer into skin
  • avoid astringent toners, or toners containing alcohol (as these can dry skin out, as oppose to hydrate!)

Now that we are all on the same page, here are some of co-founder Christine’s personal tips to take your 7 Skin to the next level:

Infinitely Customizable

Advanced Toner Tips for Lasting Hydration – GLOW RECIPE

We get so many questions about exactly how many layers of toner to apply, and the answer is as many as you would like! Even though the trend is called the ‘7 Skin Method,’ the number seven is not a hard and fast rule! In fact, the 7 Skin Method’s predecessors were the 3 Skin and 5 Skin Methods, with three layers and fice layers of toner, respectively. The bottom line is that the number of layers you apply depends on what your skin enjoys! You know you’ve found the sweet spot where you skin is quenched and hydrated when your cheeks are plump and bouncy. If you encounter any stickiness, spritz a watery mist on top of the toner layers and pat it in!

Multiple Toners

Advanced Toner Tips for Lasting Hydration – GLOW RECIPE

Another frequently asked question about the 7 Skin Method is it is possible to use multiple toners through the many layers. To that, we say yes! Our rule of thumb when it comes to layering different toners is to layer them on from the thinnest viscosity and texture, to the thickest, richest texture. You can even challenge yourself to apply 1 layer of 7 different toners.

Mixing and matching multiple layers of different toners is highly encouraged! Here are a couple of our team favorite toner combinations:

Katie’s 3 Skin Method
2 dime-sized layers of ID.AZ’s Essential Toner
1 quarter-sized layer of Whamisa’s Deep Rich Essence Toner

Cathy’s 4 Skin Method
2 layers of Make P:rem’s Micro Essence Toner
2 layers of LJH Grow Hyal B5 Toner

The Smorgasbord 7 Skin Method 
1 layer Yuripibu’s Parsley Herb Toner
1 layer Make P:rem’s Micro Essence Toner
1 layer ID.AZ Essential Toner
1 layer Blithe Treatment Essence
1 layer Earth’s Recipe’s Energy Boosting Toner
1 layer Whamisa Deep Rich Essence Toner
1 layer LJH Grow Hyal B5 Toner

Not just toners, essences too!

Advanced Toner Tips for Lasting Hydration – GLOW RECIPE

Following the thinnest-to-thickest rule, it’s completely possible to add watery essences into the mix as well! We are often asked where first treatment essences, true essences, and watery gel-type essences fall into the routine when the 7 Skin Method comes into play. These treatments can be applied and count a layer within the 7 Skin method, with the added bonus of a nourishing treatment step. Some of our favorite, super watery essences to mix in include LJH’s Grow Hyal B5 Ampoule and ID.AZ’s Essence since they are super lightweight. Another pro tip would be to cocktail your essence into a hydrating toner, and apply the blend as a layer!

Get your glow on!

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