Baby Essentials Checklist For The Kroger Baby Event | Family Focus Blog

Baby Essentials Checklist For The Kroger Baby Event | Family Focus Blog

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Babies are awesome bundles of joy. You really have no idea what a miracle each baby is until you have yourself. They a gift to treasure your whole life. But they can also be a lot of work and really disrupt all of your routines! As new parents form new habits and schedules they really appreciate the time savers. That is why I am so happy to partner with Kroger because they are such a fabulous one-stop-shop for all your family needs. Plus, I can’t wait to share my baby essentials checklist so that you can save big at the Kroger Baby Event!

Baby Essentials Checklist For The Kroger Baby Event | Family Focus Blog

Baby Essentials Checklist

As it turns out, babies needs lots of things! They are at a special stage in their growth and development and that means they need lots of things that you don’t just happen to have laying around the house already. Don’t worry, you can pick up most of your everyday top baby must haves at Kroger while you are getting your groceries. This kind of one-stop-shop is a real time saver when you are busy lugging baby seats around. Especially if your baby hates to be in the car as much as my daughter! Putting her in the car seat was torture for me every time since she would immediately start crying and not stop till I took her out.

Baby Essentials Checklist:

__ Comforts Diapers Super Value Box – Diapers
__ Huggies Snug And Dry Disney Baby – Diapers
__ Gerber Cereal- Baby Cereal
__ Pedialyte – Electrolyte
__ Beechnut Puffs – Baby Snacks
__ Comforts For Baby Gentle- Infant Formula
__ Enfamil Gentlease – Infant Formula
__ Happy Baby – Baby Snack Pouch
__ Gerber Good Fun Sippy Cup 10 Oz. – Sippy Cup
__ Johnson Head to Toe – Baby Shampoo
__ Dove Baby Lotion – Baby Lotion

Top baby must haves will likely come as no surprise to you. Diapers are top of the list! You will love Comforts Diapers Super Value Box for their day & night leakage protection, wetness indicator, softer outer cover and wide stretch waist. Comforts Diapers are available in sizes 1-6 and they are always a great value which you will really appreciate when you see how many diapers your baby goes through!

Kroger also has you covered when it comes to baby feeding supplies such as Gerber Baby Cereal, Beechnut Puffs Baby Snacks, Pedialyte Electrolytes, Happy Baby Pouches, infant formula, and sippy cups.

Don’t forget to pickup top baby care items such as Johnson Head to Toe Shampoo and Dove Baby Lotion. I put several of these top baby must haves into Baby Essentials Checklist for you which can be handy anytime of year but will come in handy especially for the upcoming Kroger Baby Event.

Printable Baby Essentials Checklist:

Baby Essentials Checklist For The Kroger Baby Event | Family Focus Blog

The Kroger Baby Event

The Kroger Baby Event is a two week promotion for the Baby aisle during the month of January  1/10/18 to 1/23/18. You will find lots of great baby products and some great sales as well. Plus, you can take advantage of the in-store offer to buy $40 of participating Baby items and save $10 on your next Baby Aisle purchase.*

*Must meet $40 purchase minimum after any digital coupons have been redeemed to
receive $10 off coupon. Coupon will be printed at the register and available for use on your next purchase.

To find participating baby items, you can use your Baby Essentials Checklist or just look for shelf tags like the one shown below on participating items in your Kroger store.

Baby Essentials Checklist For The Kroger Baby Event | Family Focus Blog

I hope you find the baby essentials checklist handy next time you are out at Kroger and that you take advantage of the Kroger Baby Event! It is so nice to have a one-stop destination for everything your family needs, including top baby must haves. Don’t you just love time savers now that you have a baby?

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