Chambers of Flavour V3 Review

Chambers of Flavour V3 Review

ben January 21, 2018 0

Our favourite immersive dining experience is back in the capital for its third instalment into the multidimensional unknown and this time round it’s bigger and better than before.

Chambers of Flavour V3 Review

Following on from 2 solid years of sold out shows, the wacky guys and gals at Gingerline are back with Chambers V3, a unique immersive experience that will take guests on a journey through absurdist adventure, interactive theatre, multimedia art installation and avant-garde culinary experimentation.

Last year we were lucky enough to be invited to try out V2, which we claimed was “the best experience we’ve ever had in the capital”. So our expectations for V3 were sky high and amazingly, the third installment was even more ambitious than the last.

But due to the top secret nature of the experience, this review will be completely spoiler free and you’ll thank me for that after you’ve experienced it for yourself, the less you know beforehand, the better! So what can I reveal without telling you what happens once you enter the chambers? Well here’s four non-spoiler things about CoF V3:


So how is the machine different to V2 & V1? Well, for one the worlds visited on the journey are completely different. Even if you are a CoF alumni there’s no way you’ll predict what you’ll find once you enter the machine. V3 is longer and more spectacular than previous versions, but still has that lovable Chambers feel to it.


The Chambers bar area will be open from 5pm, so we advise you get there with enough time to spare to have a drink or two before you enter the machine. Guests are also granted access to a top secret hidden bar where diners can debrief and drink the night away after their adventure, with an assorted menu of crazy cocktail concoctions.


These are the two most important CoF rules. Keep everything you see in the chambers a secret, because it will ruin the experience for future travellers.


For those who have never experienced multi-dimensional dining, leave any expectation at the door and come with an open mind, an empty belly and bold spirit. For those who have who have already ventured through the machine, be prepared to get well and truly fluxxed.


Ready to embrace the craziness? Over 5000 tickets have already been snapped up but the next batch of passes will be available on Monday 2nd February 2018 at midday. They’ll be available via

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