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Children, Like No Other, Can Instantly Cheer Us Up! 10 Kids Very Funny Photo

Children, Like No Other, Can Instantly Cheer Us Up! 10 Kids Very Funny Photo 36

One wise man said: “Silence is gold!”, However, if you have small children, then any silence threatens with another surprise! We have collected for you the most funny photos of children in full swing of the game…

Children’s pranks: funny photos of children in the midst of the game

Children, like no other, can instantly cheer us up! Their immediacy and the eternal search for adventure can not leave indifferent even the most serious people. Perhaps in some of them you recognize yourself. ?

What can I say, let’s rather watch!

1. Ghost, do not disturb!

Ghost on the toilet

A photo: reddit

That’s what it means to “live with the role”! Whether a ghost, or a disguise … One thing is clear – he is clearly not there!

2. Character is nasty and not married

Boy in the toilet

A photo: reddit

Hollywood actors fade against the background of such charisma! Toughie…

3. Guess whose work at one time? ?

Toilet in barrettes

A photo: imgur

Ah, girls! And someone else will argue that she was born to beautify this world? ?

4. Do not disturb the genius!

Child draws

A photo: reddit

Want to captivate a child? Give him paint, but then get ready for anything…

5. Mother’s daughter

Girl in toothpaste

A photo: reddit

What do you think? Just at this age, and it is time to begin beauty procedures. ?

6. Well, where are you? Meet the guests!

Baby in the house for the cat

A photo: reddit

There is clearly something in common between children and cats…

7. And what fun together!

Children in the bathroom

A photo: imgur

For the company in the childhood it is accepted not only to eat!

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8. The attack of creativity dried up suddenly

The girl is sleeping

A photo: imgur

This is what dedication looks like! Yeah, the muse is unpredictable! Comes without warning and after leaves…

9. So delicious!

In childhood, a plastic tube is something like a magic wand! To drink from it  becomes literally everything!

10. A dream comes true!

The boy in the aquarium

A photo: imgur

Yes, it seems that every age has its own charms! Finally, he learned what bubbles to taste…

Bonus: Helper

Girl in paint

A photo: reddit

The artist’s hand touched everything …  Modern artist!

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