Discovering the most romantic corner in Ukraine, “Tunnel of Love”

Discovering the most romantic corner in Ukraine, “Tunnel of Love”

ben March 28, 2018 0

video by RuckZackLJ
During the period of the Soviet Union, the military received the order in a short time to lay railway tracks to classified at the time a military base and to mask the object.
Naturally, this order was made very fast in excellent natural trees screen from curious eyes.
Over time, the military no longer cut trees, giving freedom to the nature, and it created a wonderful paradise. Today the military trains do not run on the railway tracks.
Paths are used to transport timber. Therefore, at the time of romantic walks, be still very careful!

In the vastness of Rivne, you will find the most romantic corner in the Ukraine – “Tunnel of Love”.
The romantic atmosphere is perfect for a declaration of love to each other, offering his/her hand and heart, to arrange a wedding photo and video shoot.
Sometimes it seems that nature has created this miracle for the people as a reminder of the highest and purest feeling of “love”.
There is a special atmosphere, you feel so relaxed and comfortable there totally forgetting about  everyday grey weekdays.

Visit the “tunnel of love” and declare your love there!