Jenga Get to Know You Game

Jenga Get to Know You Game

ben December 20, 2017 0

Jenga is such an easy game to play, and unlike Monopoly, it doesn’t take forever to finish. We tried a twist on the regular game and it worked brilliantly. Essentially, you number the blocks and then either do little challenges (for example do 5 push-ups, chirp like a bird etc.) or search for get-to-know-you questions online and compile a list of 54.


  • Pen
  • Circle sticker dots
  • 54 Get to know you questions or mini challenges

Jenga Get to Know You Game

Jenga Get to Know You Game


  1. Google “get to know you” questions and collate 54 (to correspond to the number of Jenga blocks).
  2. Add sticker dots to Jenga blocks and number 1-54.
  3. Play the game as usual, however as the player takes out a block, they read and answer the corresponding question, or follow the instructions.

Jenga Get to Know You Game

Mat from Recycled Mats


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Jenga Get to Know You Game

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Jenga Get to Know You Game

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