Life Changing Acne Fighting Skincare by Emme Diane!

Life Changing Acne Fighting Skincare by Emme Diane!

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Life Changing Acne Fighting Skincare by Emme Diane!

Question: What’s your favorite product of 2017?

Well, my favorite product of 2017 is actually a whole line of skincare products by Emme Diane. Seriously – life changing! I can’t believe the changes in my skin. There are no words…

Emme Diane is an aesthetician who started her own line of skincare products because she couldn’t find what she was looking for in the marketplace. Her clients call her the acne whisperer, and she’s got tons of amazing before and afters from them. When she told me she could clear up the hormonal acne I’ve had since I was a teenager, I was skeptical to say the least.

So, I sent Emme photos of my skin and filled out her skincare questionnaire. From there, she told me which lifestyle changes to make (no soy, iodine, dairy, peanuts; don’t use fabric softener, etc). I didn’t go cold turkey on the food suggestions, but I made a point to really limit them. I realized some of the healthy things I was taking (like spirulina and other type of algae in my green drinks and protein powders) were making my acne worse. She also told me which makeup products were making my acne worse. Surprisingly, a lot of products made specifically FOR acne sufferers are full of acne triggering ingredients! She gave me a copy of her Acne Bible ebook with a complete list of ingredients to avoid (and they’re not necessarily obvious ones that you’d think to avoid).

Emme gave me a custom set of her skincare products (custom meaning she picked the products that would be best for me, and sent me a detailed instruction list of how and when to use them). As I used her products (and nothing else), she guided me. When my skin started breaking out in weird places, I sent her pics, and she told me I was just purging (and not having a reaction or anything like that). If she hadn’t been so communicative with me, I probably would have assumed the products were not for me and given up. THANK GOD I DIDN’T because my skin has not looked this good in a LOOOOOONG time!

The cool thing about her skincare products is that none of them have ingredients that aggravate acne or cause breakouts. So even if you’re not someone who is genetically prone to breaking out, and even if you’re using her anti-aging products and not her acne products, you’ll be safe from random breakouts. I’m sure you’ve experienced the occasional zit from using the wrong product. When you use Emme Diane products, you can be sure that won’t happen.

Life Changing Acne Fighting Skincare by Emme Diane!

I can’t believe how far my skin has come in just a month and a half. I am so happy! I have an actual glow (which I didn’t realize was a real thing you could get without makeup), my scars are fading, and breakouts are much fewer and farther between. I’ve been getting tons of compliments on my skin, and recently I went out for the first time in a long time with absolutely no makeup on. I’ll do another update in a month or two with a no-makeup before and after (she says to give her 90 days to make you acne free). But I’m already 100% on board with her methods and her products.

I really can’t say enough good things. If you have acne, please don’t wait – contact Emme! She will give you a free email consult (no obligation) and she’ll pick out a regimen that will work for you. She’ll even coach you as you go, so if you have questions, you can just ask. I just wish I had started using her products and methods sooner!

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