Passion Pit played Terminal 5 (pics, videos, setlist)

Passion Pit played Terminal 5 (pics, videos, setlist)

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Passion Pit returned to NYC on Saturday (1/13) at Terminal 5, their first show here since 2015. While they’re currently on tour in support of their self-released 2017 album Tremendous Sea of Love, Passion Pit only played one song off that album at Saturday night’s show, “Undertow,” instead focusing mostly on songs from Manners and Gossamer. Their current tour also commemorates the tenth anniversary of Passion Pit’s debut EP, Chunk of Change, and proceeds from VIP packages are going to charities promoting mental health awareness. See pictures from Saturday’s show in the gallery above, and the setlist and a few video clips below.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Michael Angelakos talked about the challenges touring presents with maintaining his mental health. “I got back on my medication, but I didn’t know if I could do the tour,” he said. “It’s against the medical advice of nearly every doctor, but if I’m to be perfectly frank, years of touring in my life has been against the advice of many doctors, psychiatric or not. I didn’t want to cancel. I didn’t want to let anyone down.” He continues, “I’ve decided to do this tour to because there is an opportunity to get together with some of my favourite people I’ve ever played music with, surely. But mostly I decided to do it because I need money to be able to afford my treatments, to be able to afford the myriad costs of living with my disorder that have nearly ruined me. That doesn’t make the tour less sweet, but I am not going to lie and say that tour is necessarily where someone like me belongs right after a hospitalization.” Michael also discuses The Wishart Group, a “part nonprofit and part for-profit organization dedicated to bringing mental health programs, services and clear solutions to the arts.” Read the interview in full on The Independent.

Setlist: Passion Pit @ Terminal 5, 1/13/2018 (via)
I’ll Be Alright
The Reeling
To Kingdom Come
Moth’s Wings
Little Secrets
Make Light
Eyes as Candles
Where the Sky Hangs
All I Want
Mirrored Sea
Cry Like a Ghost
Lifted Up (1985)
Carried Away

Constant Conversations
Take a Walk

photos by Dana Distortion

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