Sweet Needle or 7 Steps to Get Rid of Sugar Dependence

Sweet Needle or 7 Steps to Get Rid of Sugar Dependence

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Have you noticed that when you necessary forbid sweets – all around becomes gray, dull and irritating, but only one chocolate is capable to return colours to the world? If you have ever dieted or tried to eat properly, then this story is familiar to you.

Why is this happening? The fact is that for professionals it’s long ago not a secret: sugar is a “drug” that is addictive and even addictive! It directly affects the pleasure centers in the brain, contributing to the production of dopamine.

Our body does not need the refined sugar found in most foods. We need glucose, but not sugar! This awareness is the first step that should be taken in the fight against sugar dependence.

And then you just need to remember and apply the seven rules that will help keep from temptation.

Rule No 1: Learn to distinguish between “bad” and “good” Carbohydrates

For healthy life we ​​need energy. Energy is carbohydrates.

Of course, sugar can be called pure carbohydrate, but this is also its main danger. Sugar quickly enters the blood and gives only a brief increase in energy for 20 – 40 minutes. Then comes the inevitable decline of strength, there is a sense of hunger.

“Good” carbohydrates are found in foods (vegetables, fruits, cereals, beans), containing many other microelements and vitamins, as well as fiber. Complex carbohydrates, as they are also called, enter the blood much more slowly, which means that the energy is released longer.

Rule No. 2: Replace excess sugar with proteins and fats

Try to make a diet in which complex carbohydrates will be balanced by a sufficient amount of quality protein and healthy fats.

Fat maximizes and protein is the main building element, which also stabilizes glucose in the blood.

Planning the menu, you will get rid of snacks on the go and temptations to eat extra

Rule number 3: Restrict sugar substitutes

Many nutritionists consider industrial sugar substitutes to be harmful, although their effect on the body has been little studied. Using a sweetener, we deceive the brain, but we do not help it get rid of sweet addiction.

As for natural sugar substitutes (honey, fructose), it is the same sugar, only in another form.

Rule No. 4: We study labels on goods

Most of the products produced by the modern food industry contain refined sugar!

Even if the box adorns the inscription “100% sugar-free” its chemical analogues or substitutes may be inside, which on practice is even worse!

Therefore, before by buying carefully study the composition on the package. Better cook at home – so you’ll know exactly what’s on your plate.

Rule No. 5: Do not eat bad mood

Since sugar affects the release of dopamine, dopamine affects ” pleasure center “in the brain, we often feel despondency at the time of despondency.

To get rid of this destructive habit, one must learn to receive positive emotions without sweet assistants. Encounters with friends, walking with a dog, an interesting film, training – the right ways to enjoy life a lot, you just have to want!

Rule No 6: Take good care of sleep

Sleep is often underestimated in matters of its impact on our life. Meanwhile, it is extremely important! Lack of sleep or a wrong day regimen provokes a lot of disorders, including eating disorders.

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Rule No. 7: Avoid temptations

Do not think that you are a model of self-control and self-control. Most of us are sorely lacking in willpower, even to fight weaker rivals than sugar.

Do not buy sweets home “in reserve.” If possible, avoid visiting any places where you can be tempted. Then, when you learn to control your habits, you can safely walk past the confectionery rows. But first, simply act – hide from sugar!

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