The best of British food

The best of British food

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The British food scene is a vibrant mix of multicultural influences, reinvented classics and revolutionary street food.

But before we go off on a whim about where to get the best Yorkshire pudding burritos, let’s take it back to basics and let you in on some of Britain’s finest culinary creations.

1. Cheese glorious cheese

With more than 700 different cheeses produced across the UK, from creamy Cornish brie to crumbly Stiltons, cheeseboards are a staple on menus and dining room tables across the country. Add a few grapes, a bowl of homemade chutney and a glass of good port.

2. Yorkshire pudding’s

The first written evidence of a Yorkshire pudding appeared in 1747. And the northerners haven’t shut about them since – and for good reason, there’s nothing batter (sorry guys). Made from eggs, flour and milk these light and airy pud’s are a Sunday roast showstopper or the perfect vessel to hold sausage and mashed potato. Pour over a jug of gravy and your one step closer to living the Northern foodie dream. Head to a pub on a Sunday and you’re sure to see these bad boys on the menu.

3. Fish and chips

Even writing the words fish and chips brings with it a scent of salty sea air, lashings of vinegar and keeping an eye out for sea gulls wanting a beak full of the action. Fresh fish is wrapped up in crunchy batter, served with chunky fries, salt and vinegar and an optional side of mushy peas (yes that is peas- mushed). We like ours served up by Britain’s beaches – try Brighton or Whitby in Yorkshire.

4. Sunday is for roasts

Perfecting the gravy and squabbling over the last roast potato, Sunday roast dinners are a great British institution. Join the Brits as they get together for a comforting roast with friends and family at the local pub – washed down with lots of red wine and real ale.

5. Perfect pint accompaniments

Tasty sausage rolls, succulent scotch eggs, filling Cornish pasties and juicy Melton Mowbray pork pies… you’ll find these hearty British snacks on most pub menus and in bakeries around the country.

6. Let’s get messy

The story goes that at a cricket tea at posh Eton college in the 1920s, an errant Labrador sat on the meringues intended for the pavlova. In throwing the crushed meringues, berries and cream together anyway, one of England’s favorite desserts was born: Eton Mess.

7. From the sea

From beachfront cockle shacks to Michelin-starred fish restaurants, Britain’s rich waters produce some of the finest and most sustainable seafood in the world. Head to Fit and Flounder in Hackney, London for indulgent oysters in the city or go straight to the source at Venus Café that sits on Blackpool sands beach.

8. Curry o’clock

The British like their food with a bite, that’s why the nation’s second favorite dish is a good old curry. Don’t miss London’s Brick Lane and Manchester’s famous curry mile for a mild to blow-your-socks off curry and pillowy naan.

9. Afternoon tea

Fine bone china, bite-size delicacies, and your pinkie sticking out – afternoon tea is a centuries-old English tradition. The Ritz in London is the high priestess of tea, but you’ll find deals and offers in hotels and tea rooms across Britain.

10. Chelsea buns

Coming onto the scene in the 18th century by the Bun House in, you guessed it, Chelsea, this rich lemon and cinnamon spiced bun is made by rolling up dough spread with a mixture of currants, brown sugar and butter. Pick one up at Borough market and eat warm, washed down with a cup of tea, of course..

11. Pie-masters

Brits love a stewed filling sealed up in buttery pastry. Whether it’s a good old steak and ale pie you’re in the mood for or a sweet apple one with warm custard, these guys have got you covered!

So there’s a little something to whet your appetite and open your eyes to the world of British food. Ready to grab a knife and fork and dig in for yourselves? Head to our England Travel Guide for travel deals more inspiration…

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