TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner Giveaway

TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner Giveaway

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TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner Giveaway

I am partnering with my friends at TOADFISH™ Outfitters to giveaway a TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner, MSRP: $28.00, US only.

TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner

Toadfish Outfitters, an eco-active coastal advocate and leading manufacturer of coastal products has just made the painstaking process of preparing shrimp a breeze with the launch of its new Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner. What was once a time consuming, three-step process, has been streamlined with this new tool that peels, deveins and butterflies shrimp in one single smooth motion. Reasonably priced at $28, it is available for sale on and these fine retailers.

TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner Giveaway

“This new tool is revolutionary and there is none other on the market that simplifies cleaning shrimp the way this does. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who prepares and enjoys eating shrimp,” said Casey Davidson, founder of Toadfish. “Just insert the tool below the top of the shell, push it forward, while at the same time, sliding the shrimp towards the handle and voilà, your perfectly cleaned and butterflied shrimp will be in your left hand. It’s also fantastic for cooked shrimp, leaving only the tail for a lovely cocktail presentation.”

TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner Giveaway

Like all other Toadfish products, the Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner is thoughtfully designed to be used time after time and is crafted from the finest quality materials. The full-tang construction provides maximum strength and great balance, while the ergonomic handle, made from recycled materials, feels good in the hand.

All of Toadfish Outfitters’ products including the Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner and the Put ‘Em Back Oyster knife are receiving accolades from chefs, home cooks, and seafood lovers across the country. Furthermore, Toadfish is in the spotlight for its work with coastal habitat restoration projects. The company is committed to rebuilding oyster habitats across the American coastline and contributes a percentage of every sale to the cause. This year, it has donated over $30,000 dollars and helped plant over 3,000 square feet of new oyster beds and more oysters means more shrimp for everyone.

“We are a ‘lead-by-example’ friend of the coast and strive to have a positive impact on water quality to help ensure sustainable marine ecosystems for generations to come” said Davidson.

For more information about Toadfish products, mission and oyster restoration click here.


TOADFISH is a manufacturer of thoughtfully designed eco-friendly coastal products and apparel. It is an eco-active company dedicated to protecting the saltwater environment and keeping it healthy; educating customers to better understand the cause and effect of over-harvesting versus replenishment, and elevating everyone’s enjoyment of the water.

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TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner Giveaway

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TOADFISH™ Outfitters’ New Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner Giveaway

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