Who are Proverb? – Bath & Unwind Beauty Blog

Who are Proverb? – Bath & Unwind Beauty Blog

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  • Brand name: Proverb- Pronounced “Prov-erb”
  • Founded: United Kingdom, by Luke and Kirstie Sherriff
  • What makes them special: Proverb are the men’s skin care brand to take the understanding of elite sports nutrition and apply it to a 360 approach to skin, body and mindset. With their clear and efficient 4 products x 4 movements x 4 minutes programme, men who use Proverb feel comfortable using a skincare range and being able to fit it into their daily routine.
  1. Vitamin C (boosts energy-yielding metabolism)
  2. Kernel Oil (improves skin tone and reduces blemishes)
  3. Collagen (reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)
  4. Shea butter (Vitamin A, soothes and hydrates the skin)
  5. Vitamin D (contributes to skin cell growth and boost the immune system)
  1. Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser
  2. Skin Definition Facial Scrub
  3. Strengthening Skin Serum

“Get out what you put in”

-Luke and Kristie Sheriff

The story behind Proverb

Proverb founders met at Oxford University. Luke signed a professional rugby contract for Harlequins RFC. He went on to play in the premiership for 11 years. As you can imagine, Luke took his elite health and wellbeing seriously, which led him to join Kirstie in 2009 to launch their first natural and organic range. This brand became exclusive to spas and beauty salons.

This inspired the couple to start their next project and so Proverb was born. Their mission, to create a Men’s skincare brand that would inspire men to be more confident about their skin, body and ultimately their mindset.

Kirstie’s passion and vast knowledge about skin, professional treatments and ingredients gave Proverb the foundations needed to take their idea to the next level and inspire men with introducing a simple 4 step routine that only takes 4 minutes a day. They called it the Proverb 4 x 4 x 4. 4 products, 4 movements, 4 minutes.

Who are Proverb? – Bath & Unwind Beauty Blog
“I for one once blind to using any moisturiser in the past and I have really seen in the flesh the difference Proverb makes and the way your skin feels” -Brand ambassador, Thom Evans

Here is a little bit more about those hero products:

Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser

Like any moisturiser, its main purpose is to hydrate and clear the skin. Acai Oil is used as the active ingredient and is clinically proven to help protect the skin and is also an anti-inflammatory.

By massaging this in an upward motion ensuring it covers the entirety of the face and neck will balance, refresh and clear stressed oily skin. Reduce the appearance of blackheads in just 8 weeks of use. Meanwhile slowing down the reproduction of oil in the same amount of time. Nice!

Skin Definition Facial Scrub

We all clean our faces daily, either with a cleanser or just warm water. This might be enough. However sometimes we all need a good scrub and what better way to indulge in skincare than with a protein packed scrub which will not only clean, but improve skin tone and texture.

Massage Skin Definition Facial Scrub in small circles over the face and neck, of course focusing on those grimy, congested areas – don’t worry we have all got them! Remember, not to over use this scrub as it is not recommended for everyday use. Once or twice a week is enough.

Strengthening Skin Serum

We hate to break it to you lads, but there will come a time when you will age and with that comes wrinkles. Luckily Proverb have made sure that you can reduce and strengthen your skin now before it is too late.

The Strengthening Skin Serum is to be applied under your moisturiser daily. It boosts the oxygen levels in the skin and strengthens the ability to protect itself. With added glycoproteins it will repair and fortify skin, and in time reduces ageing.

Who are Proverb? – Bath & Unwind Beauty Blog
Proverb- A short Statement of truth, or piece of advice.

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