Women allegedly robbed of her kidney by husband / Boing Boing

Women allegedly robbed of her kidney by husband / Boing Boing

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Women allegedly robbed of her kidney by husband / Boing Boing

In what can only be described as some serious next level patriarchal bullshit, an Indian woman recently discovered that one of her kidneys had gone missing. The most likely culprit? Her husband.

The BBC reports that a West Bengal woman’s husband arranged to have her appendix removed, several years ago, as she was complaining of frequent abdominal pain. So far so good, right? Well, here’s where it gets hinky. From the results of two separate medical examinations late last year, Rita Sarkar discovered that she was short a kidney. The revelation was made months after Sarkar’s abdominal surgery took place, when she sought medical help for lower back pain. Scans of her body quickly revealed that her discomfort was being caused by an infection in her left kidney – also, that she was missing her right one.

As a kidney isn’t the sort of thing that one misplaces, Sarkar contacted police, stating that her husband had been demanding a dowry from her and her family since before they were married. After tying the knot, these demands turned to physical and emotional abuse in the months leading up to her abdominal surgery.

“My husband took me to a private nursing home in Kolkata, where he and the medical staff told me that I would be fine after removing my inflamed appendix through surgery,” the Hindustan Times quoted her as saying.

“My husband warned me not to disclose the surgery in Kolkata to anyone.”


As a result of Sakar’s complaint, a case under the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act has been opened. It’s believed that Sarkar’s husband sold her kidney to black market organ traders as a way of securing the dowry that the self-entitled prick felt he deserved. The husband, his brother and mother have all been charged with attempted murder and bride torture. That a law in India was drawn up to specifically address the issue of bride torture tells you all you need to know about how awful being a woman in the country, or any other, for that matter, can be.

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