ben December 31, 2019 0

When I was at my lowest point – sat in that old green Doctor’s chair as he cooly offered me medication for my depression – I wondered: How did my life ever get to this? I was at the height of a six year stint of depression, I was £100k in debt and I felt barely able to face the world.

I remember thinking, sat on the cold bathroom floor at my parent’s house a few night’s earlier: There MUST be more to life than this?! There’s go to be?!

But I couldn’t find a way to break away and break through. I was trapped.

I hated myself.

And I hated my life.

In those darkest days, wondering how I’d ever get out of this mess, I always found the stories of ‘people who’d made it’ deeply deeply inspiring.

“If they’ve done it”, I’d tell myself, “then I can do it too…can’t I?!’.

I’d dig into books, YouTube videos and pod casts and consume everything I could about how Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Lisa Nichols had turned their lives around.

I loved it when Marie Forleo gave us a snippet from her past or when Gabbie Bernstein told us about her journey here. Oh my goodness and let’s not forget Rebecca Cambell’s ‘Light is the New Black’. Wow that book spoke my to my soul.

There was something about seeing their success now – how happy they were, how they were changing people’s lives, how they were living their dreams – and how it contrasted to their past that reminded me we’re all on a journey. And this is mine…

And so in this video, I want to share with you my own personal journey of transformation – how I went from charging £50 an hour as a coach, depressed, lost and overweight, to building a six figuring coaching & consulting business changing people’s lives!

I’m going to tell you how I uncovered my purpose, what I did to change my life and what it took to make a living doing what I love in a crowded online space. And I’m going to show you how you can do it too.

I’m going to tell it all it’s dirty, messy detail in the hope that it reaches just one person who needs to know: Change is possible. It’s always possible.

So pop the kettle on, get comfy and buckle in. And if you watch it to the end, and it helps you in any way, take a moment to let me know in the comments and maybe even tag a friend who’d love to hear this.

Change it possible. It’s always possible.

Lisa x x