10 Invincible Fathers Who Know a Lot About Education

10 Invincible Fathers Who Know a Lot About Education

Dads are fun and creative parents who are able to do absolutely crazy things. They have a special approach to raising children. Daddies think outside the box and find original ways to solve problems, often breaking all the other rules. It is the fathers who can find the approach to the child, because they themselves are still a little children in their souls.

Happy Dads

We picked up a photo of the most cheerful fathers who can handle any task. Their methods of education are insane and brilliant at the same time.

Shopping with dad

Baby in the cart

a source: cloudfront.net

Moms take their children with them to shop, conduct an educational conversation with them about how to behave in public, maybe punishing them for inappropriate behavior. The father does not have time and patience for this, he decides that the child should be taken and immobilized.

Sloth is the engine of progress

Baby on swing

a source: brightside.me

That just can not do, just to do nothing. That is how the most ingenious inventions of mankind are created.

Dad believes in daughter

Father and daughter

a source: brightside.me

Here is what a dad looks like, who gets into the car, which is driven by his daughter, who has just received a license.


Dad copies daughter

a source: brightside.me

Fathers love to troll their children. For example, this one posted such a photo with his daughter on his Facebook with the inscription “Gemini”.

Father recreates daughter’s selfie

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My daughter posted another #selfie #nailedit #baddad #selfiedad #selfiedad

A post shared by Burr Martin #selfiedad (@therealburrmartin) on Jun 21, 2016 at 7:21 pm PDT

How a father sees his daughter when she puts out another selfie.

Guys, stay away! Its my father!

Funny photo of father and daughter

a source: brightside.me

Fathers always painfully perceive growing up of their daughters, but this one has found an original way to delay the moment of the first date of his daughter.

Say no

An offer of marriage

a source: brightside.me

Dad believes it’s not too late.

Peace corner

Small child

a source: brightside.me

Usually such fences are used to block the child’s way to the stairs or to make a zone of games for the baby. But dad did otherwise. He himself was shielded from the child.

Son protection mode: on

Father's reaction

a source: brightside.me

Dads have a great reaction and you can’t argue with that.

Fun walk

Father walks with a child

a source: brightside.me

Walking with a baby is not so boring if you are a circus artist in your heart.

Apple from the tree

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Father & daughter just chilling?foto by mother @ meggieseb

A post shared by Jan durica (@ durica28) on Aug 18, 2015 at 6:51 am PDT

After a busy day, everyone needs a good rest.

Fathers are the most cheerful parents who have a special approach to education. He often does not coincide with my mother’s, but surprisingly – it works.

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