Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid to Talk About Mental Problems.

Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid to Talk About Mental Problems.

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Talking about health problems is always difficult. Especially if it is mental health, and you are a famous person. But the heroes of this review are not afraid to admit that their health has deteriorated. Moreover, these stars found the strength to overcome the disease and emerge victorious from the battle. Find out which of the characters of show business is worthy of respect.

Glory is not all …

Despite the millions of fees, universal worship and star status, these people have the most common fears and excitement. Moreover, perhaps it is their status that leads to such problems, which not everyone can handle alone. See how your idols got out of difficult situations.

Brad Pitt

Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid to Talk About Mental Problems.

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The actor admitted that in the late 90s he could not cope with the star status. He just sat on the couch and was annoyed at all. But after a trip to Casablanca, where he saw poverty and the most difficult life of the local population, he realized how small his problems were. Since then, Brad has rethought his life and the result is obvious.

Lady Gaga

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It is difficult to imagine that this pop diva may have any mental problems, but it is. But at one of the social events, she announced her struggle with dissociation. Lady Gaga accepted all the offers without exception, as a result of which she simply began to lose her own “I.” Sudden panic attacks, flashes of light and being in prostration began to pursue the singer, after which problems began with physical health. Now the star is actively fighting the disease.

Selena Gomez

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Inspiring others, Selena daily struggles with a systemic disease – lupus. A kidney transplant did not become an obstacle to the young beauty. And besides this, the constant depressions and anxiety also annoy Selena, who is sure that this is just her way, which she must go to the end.

Justin Bieber

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The public’s love for this star at one time was boundless. Probably the same as Justin’s power consumption. Therefore, after some time, he declared that he could not cope with such a wave of attention to his own person and feels exhausted. “The public sees only glamor, and what is behind it – your personal problems,” – said Justin Bieber.

Solving Human Problems By Transforming Human Attitudes by Dalai Lama

Gwyneth Paltrow

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This actress will be well understood by mothers, among whom, for sure, there are those for whom motherhood is colored not only in pink. Gwyneth admits that after giving birth to her second child, she experienced postpartum depression, sobbing every day and finding no way out. It’s good that now everything is behind and the star is gradually returning to a great mood.


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Another victim of postpartum depression. Adele says that the peak began after the death of her grandfather. When even close friends became annoyed, the singer took a course of therapy and now she feels better. Although the last Challenge, dedicated to her statement about the termination of a solo career suggests that Adel is still not fully recovered.

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