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5 Most Famous Hotels In the World

5 Most Famous Hotels In the World 36

In the bustle of everyday work so sometimes you want to fly somewhere, at least in thought. We offer you a choice of one of the top ten hotels in the world. Perhaps, while you are not going to book a room in it, but why not dream a bit, because sometimes dreams become goals!

The best of the best

It is possible that you have already heard these names, but did not even know why this or that hotel is so popular. Today we have a virtual journey through the coolest and most famous hotel rooms. You will learn the loudest stories and see the incredible beauty of pictures, which, even for a minute, will make you feel like a VIP.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai

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We start this rating with one of the most famous hotels in the world. The third tallest building on Earth is located on a separate island. Imitation of a huge sail creates the impression of a huge ship hovering over the bay. To services of famous guests here are nine restaurants, a magnificent spa and a royal suite worth 24 thousand dollars per night. And if you want to watch the sunset on the Persian Gulf, welcome to the infinity pool.

If all of the above seemed not enough luxury for you, hire a personal helicopter for the transfer or take a ride on any of the 10 Rolls-Royce from the hotel’s car park!

The Plaza Hotel, New York

The Plaza Hotel in New York

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Love the french style? Then you here! Since 1907, this hotel has persistently held the best brand in the world. Alfred Hitchcock chose these walls as scenery for his film “North through North-West,” and the well-known “Home Alone 2” can even enter your life a little if you order the ice cream Kevin ate in the film.

Here those who love a butler in white gloves and strict adherence to etiquette will enjoy it. There are no misfires in terms of service here simply does not happen. That’s why he is a top-class hotel!

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Brown Hotel, London

Brown Hotel in London

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Does royal life enthrall you? Then book rooms here, because Queen Victoria herself drank tea in the restaurant of this hotel. All the chic of the royal chambers, including the marble baths (hello, photos for Instagram), exquisite furniture and, of course, impeccable taste in the interiors will make you feel special blue blood.

After the traditional five-hour tea, you can stroll to Buckingham Palace, just 5 minutes away. And there, who knows, maybe the queen will go for a walk!

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles

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Well, who never dreamed of meeting here at least a couple of their idols or feeling like a hero of a cult TV series? And to visit the room Marilyn Monroe? If you are planning a honeymoon, you can repeat the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who led the time here after the wedding, and they certainly knew how to choose luxury apartments!

Brando, Tahiti

Brando Hotel Tahiti

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But some noise of megalopolises is alien and then they buy an island for themselves … As, for example, Marlon Brando, whose name is named for a hotel on this island. Tahiti itself is a heavenly place, and if it is an island that is distant from prying eyes in greenery, then you can forget about problems and fuss overnight. The hotel is not standard rooms, and private villas, located along the coast. And you will also have a private pool, so no one will disturb you. Ready to book?

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