5 Ways to Embody Your Calling (Even If You Don’t Know What It Is Yet!)

5 Ways to Embody Your Calling (Even If You Don’t Know What It Is Yet!)

ben March 5, 2018 0

by Juliet Tang; Wake Up World

In yesterday’s article, entitled Why You’re Struggling to Leave Your Soul-Sucking Job, I discussed reasons why it’s so difficult to make the shift from even the most soul-sucking job. In essence, we are raised into powerlessness, in a way that dims our soul’s light, and so, we experience the duality we came here to experience — the darkness life has to offer.

In this article, we’ll discuss the light side of that duality: Here are 5 ways you can leave the job behind and embody your calling — even if you don’t know what it is yet!

1. Claim Your Calling Even If You Don’t Yet Know What It Is

Each soul has come to earth with a mission to make an impact on this planet, yours is no exception.

5 Ways to Embody Your Calling (Even If You Don’t Know What It Is Yet!)

Your calling only belongs to you and no one can ever take it from you, and that is because your calling is an extension of your unique energy and perspective in life. There may be other performing artists, speakers or healers out there that seem to be doing what you’re doing, but in essence, what you offer can only come from you.

It’s so tempting to want to wait for one more degree, another year of experience, or the right time and opportunity to come along so you’ll feel more confident and ready to “have it all figured out for the next ten years.” But if you keep waiting, you may just continue living your life comparing yourself to others and holding yourself up against some arbitrary standards while missing your dream.

Claim your calling now even if you don’t know what it is yet. To me, this is the true meaning of taking a leap of faith – to claim and embody your desired outcomes in the unknown without having figured out the what and how.

Your calling will not come out of another story you repeat to yourself about how you don’t have what it takes. Move into the space of absolute knowing every single day that you have a higher destiny to fulfill and gifts to contribute to humanity, soon, your calling will find you. It must.

2. Define the State of Being

Many people believe a mission is “what you do.” It is, and it isn’t.

Your higher destiny manifests as a career choice in life because we live in this 3D time-space dimension where the vibration of energy slows down, and takes form or becomes defined. But in fact, your mission is actually a state of being, or a frequency that you have chosen prior to birth so you may know and experience yourself as a unique expression of Creation/Divine Universal Intelligence.

You can choose to experience yourself as any expression of Divinity through your (one and only) perspective: love, consciousness, light, leadership, freedom, playfulness, abundance, forgiveness, or surrender.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “what” and “how” in this process, but ask yourself,

“Once I have fulfilled my calling, how would I feel and what state of being would I be in?”

The other day when I asked my client this question, her immediate answer was,


That is the frequency her soul has chosen to embody and share with others in this lifetime. Whatever she does, for as long as she is the frequency of love, she has fulfilled her mission. What she chooses to do to be the frequency of love is completely up to her.

3. Harness the Power of Contrast

Curiously, until the chosen frequency is claimed, experienced and expanded, many will continuously experience people and events in life that invoke the opposite of the chosen state of being.

For instance, those who are here to embody light usually encounter a series of darkness in life that requires them to remember their inner light, and those who chose the frequency of abundance often experience lack in the beginning.

A dear friend of mine who is currently traveling the world led a fear-based life for decades. Everyone from her mom to her last boss delighted in putting her in one box after another. Eventually, she liberated herself from all the boxes and said yes to her life mission – to embody the frequency of freedom. Her journey is inspiring many.

From this perspective, you can see that all the naysayers in your life – those who have tried to put you down or limit you, and even the unconscious programming and the oppressive “system” are just really good actors and supporting pieces that have agreed to co-create with you so you can reclaim your power, and carry out your divine mission.

Send them a blessing for doing such a convincing job to help you co-create!

Remember, whenever the opposite is here, it is time to tune in, and tune up! This is the gift of duality. You can allow it to work against you, or support you.

If you wish to work through the illusion of duality so you can enjoy this game called life as a conscious creator, feel free to download my free Awakening Guide here.

4. Connect With Your Inner Child

Once in a while, I hear, “I need practical solutions for the real world to pay bills, and don’t have time for all this abstract spiritual stuff.”

I cannot emphasize enough that the real world is made of energy, both visible and invisible – energy is the building block of everything in life. Energy is life and you are a soul in a body. If you can master working with energy and your inner world, you can take your life in any direction you want it to go in “the real world.”

If you experience any limitation, it must first exist in your inner world where you spend 100% of your time with 24/7. If you don’t have time for the “abstract stuff,” you don’t have time for life.

For starters, when you love what you do that you are excited to wake up every morning, and when work and play become one, you’re naturally more motivated, creative, productive and “in the flow” which are all the necessary elements of creating abundance. This translates to you not just making a living, but essential designing, and making a life.

Inner work combined with aligned action = desired results! Financial abundance, joy, fulfillment, inspiration, expansion, etc. are genuine byproducts of living an aligned life from an endearing heart-centered space.

No one can tell you what the “doing” for your mission is, but here is one way to find out.

When your soul chose the mission in this life, it also chose the precise resources, experiences, people, opportunities, encounters, lessons, programming, gifts, talents and even past life memory imprints that are all part of your soul blueprint for this life to maximize your full potential.

Your inner child can shed light on what you can “do” as an extension of your “being,” and you can open the inquiry by asking,

“Before the world told me who I should grow up to be, who was I?”

“What did my inner child enjoy doing and creating?”

“What fantasies did he or she role-play in?”

“What gifts and passions did he or she want to share with the world?”

“What was he or she curious about, dreaming of, and couldn’t get enough of?”

Some of my favorite childhood activities were daydreaming, painting, story-telling, role-playing as a healer, and talking to plants or gardening for hours at a time. Today, I’m an intuitive life coach, artist, writer, and I work with plant medicine, yet all these “doing’s” fall under my chosen life mission – to embody, and share with the world the frequency of consciousness.

Your inner child has never left you, and is always looking to connect with you through moments of innocence, playfulness, and letting your guard (or hair) down. The inner child is uninhibited and does not care about limiting social values; he or she only wants to bathe in joy.

Embodying your soul calling is following your joy.

Designing your life is expressing your joy.

Creating abundance and purpose is expanding your joy.

You can connect with your inner child by allowing yourself to have more fun in life, identify your joy, approach everything in the world with curiosity and innocence, invite him or her in during your meditation, make an effort to live from the heart, and make a conscious intention to communicate with him or her everyday.

5. Reclaim Your Power and Worth from Life

How much power have you given away in life by placing conditions around your joy, playing small, and lowering or selling your unconditional worth?

What areas in your life have you made, and acted on decisions that came from victimhood, doubt and lack?

If you are in an unsatisfying career at the moment, what beliefs led you here?

Before you take actions to bridge dreams and reality, know that owning your power is a crucial step in embracing your calling and creating anything you find fulfilling and empowering in life. The seeds of your desires can only blossom if the soil of your mind is fertile and free of weeds.

Life will always respond to your vibration 100% without fail, so in order to shine and become a beacon of light and inspiration, you must first release the unconscious beliefs that got you here the first place so your frequency can be aligned with what you are looking to create and receive. It is a conscious process where the energy you put out equates the energy you receive rather than an overnight change.

Remember, the opposite of what you are currently experiencing already exists in the universe. The only way for you to live this reality is to become the energy of this reality!

My free Awakening Guide walks you through the process of waking up to your True Essence so you may boldly embrace your vision in life.

Dear soul, you have a magnificent mission that you came to earth to fulfill, and life will do whatever is necessary including sending all the unfavorable circumstances and messengers your way to remind you to reclaim power from life, and unite with your mission.

If only you knew how powerful you are, you would never waste another moment of your life doubting yourself and your higher destiny. Know that you have the absolute power to liberate yourself from anything that does not serve you so you can choose to follow your heart, manifest your vision, and create an abundant and aligned life along the way.

I’m cheering you on and I cannot wait to experience what you are here to create!