6 Models Of Shoes That Are Very Harmful to Health

6 Models Of Shoes That Are Very Harmful to Health

Footwear plays an important role in our lives, because on average a person travels about 250 km a year. That is why you need to choose it carefully, buying models that do not harm your body. In this article we will tell you which shoe is better to give up altogether, because to be healthy is much better than to follow a capricious fashion!

6 models of shoes that harm your body

For women, this issue is particularly relevant, because we are ready to make any sacrifices, just to look beautiful. But in the case of shoes, the jokes are bad! So, here are 6 models of shoes that you should not buy.

1. Pointed shoes

Pointed shoes


From pointy shoes, any models with too close toes, it is worth forgetting. Besides the fact that it will cause you discomfort during the day, it will lead to nervous pain, as well as the appearance of corns. If you really want to wear a pointed toe, choose only those shoes that do not compress the front of the foot.

2. Flip Flops

Flip flops


Of course, these are summer shoes, but we cannot be silent about it. Often these slippers are worn in the pool or just around the house. And yet, they harm the health quite seriously. Besides the fact that walking in flip-flops quickly leads to fatigue (as in any other slippers), there is a displacement of the knee joints and ankle damage. The fact is that these shoes do not support the foot properly.

3. Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes


It will be a question of all models of footwear with a flat sole. If the arch support does not have arch support of the foot, this will result in back and knee pains. But there is good news, you just need to buy orthopedic shoes, and your problem is solved!

4. Light and soft sneakers



It is best to wear sneakers only in training. If you wear them every day, it will damage the foot. Today, sports shoes are more fashionable than ever, so if you do not want to part with your favourite style of clothing, choose high-quality models with a thick sole that will protect the legs from damage.

5. Wedge



Another model that many women adore for convenience. But in fact, the platform immobilizes the foot. Good shoes repeat the movement of the foot, leaving it in a state of action. It is better not to wear the platform every day.

6. High heel

High heel shoes


We all vaguely heard that high heels are harmful to health, but how exactly? Wearing heels leads to pain in the lumbar area, provokes ingrown nails. There may also be nerve clamps and sprains. If you really like to wear heels, choose a model with a heel not higher than 7.5 cm, and it is better to change your shoes when you come to work.

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