A New Update of Our Trail Wallet Travel Budget App!

A New Update of Our Trail Wallet Travel Budget App!

ben December 1, 2017 0

A New Update of Our Trail Wallet Travel Budget App!

We’re excited to announce the release of the latest version of our top-rated travel expense tracking app, Trail Wallet!

Tim Cook calls it “possibly the greatest travel app our platform has ever seen, and I would know. I’ve seen all the apps.”

(OK, so maybe he didn’t write this anywhere or say it out loud ever, but we all know he’s probably thinking it.)

Trail Wallet 3.4 adds a major new feature that has been at the top of the request list for a long, long time—photo support!

Many of you emailed, left reviews, told me in person, sent carrier pigeons, used semaphore flags, threw bricks with notes through my windows to ask for the ability take photos of receipts and store them alongside your entries, and now, finally, you can!

You see? I do listen! Eventually!

(There are a whole bunch of boring technical reasons, as well as a whole bunch of marginally more exciting existential reasons, as to why it took me so long but I won’t go into all that here. Let’s just say implementing this changed me.)

The photos are stored in iCloud along with all of your other backup data and can be exported along with the CSV files. Helpfully, the CSV files have references to the file names so you can match things up on your computer.

But wait, there’s more!

Other notable features in this version include:

  • Tapping on a bar in the bar chart will now take you to a summary of that day’s spending—another oft-requested addition.
  • Spreading amounts over many days has been simplified and the crazily cryptic error message has been removed.
  • The History screen now makes it clear which amounts have been spread out over multiple days by showing the original total amount as well as the divided amount. It makes more sense when you see it than it does to explain it here.

Support Trail Wallet. More Than You Already Have, I Mean.

A New Update of Our Trail Wallet Travel Budget App!

Trail Wallet’s development over the years. Oh jeez, there’s a giant Tweet button in the original in the hopes it would go viral. Oh dear, no. Ha ha ha, oh wow.

Trail Wallet is 5 years old in December and it’s still getting regular updates and big new features. We don’t charge for updates nor do we use subscription pricing, so in order to pay for this we constantly need to find new users.

Your wonderful reviews and ratings help, as do all the personal recommendations that you make in bars and hostels around the world, but if you really want to see Trail Wallet continue to grow, then there’s a new Small Tip in app purchase where you can throw in an extra dollar (or local equivalent) to help fund future development (if you’re super generous, then you can keep hitting that button over and over to give more dollars).

This option is available in Trips -> Settings but will only appear if you’ve been using the app for a long time and have more than 300 amounts.

Despite what you may have heard about the app economy creating teenage billionaires, I am neither a teenager nor a billionaire. Honestly, Trail Wallet lives on the edge of existence most of the time—it makes barely enough to make it worthwhile for me to keep working on it—so any additional financial support really does make a difference.

But no pressure! Our continued love for you is not contingent on you giving us more money!

And if you haven’t tried Trail Wallet, what are you waiting for? You heard what Tim Cook (maybe) said—download it today!

A New Update of Our Trail Wallet Travel Budget App!

New Website, Who Dis?

You might have noticed that we recently completed a massive update to our website. While I still have a lot of love for the 90s Tim Burton aesthetic, the old theme was, frankly, beginning to look a bit dated.

It’s time for a refresh!

As nice as it is to see our name in lights, we figure that you’re not here to see massive headers or giant photos of us and instead want to get to the juicy destination posts, the tasty vegetarian survival guides, or the cash money pages.

So this theme was redesigned from the ground up to be a modern, fast, mobile-friendly site that is all about you, dear reader, and is focused on getting you to the content you want to see as quickly as possible.

With almost 8 years worth of content, we’re still ironing out the bugs so let us know if you find any problems!

We hope you like it!


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