Alginate Face Mask: what is it and how to do it at home?

Alginate Face Mask: what is it and how to do it at home?

Alginate masks most recently flooded the shelves of shops and cosmetic kornerov, but already managed to become bestsellers and pet beauties. Most importantly, you can easily make such a mask and at home. Why do they give such a WOW effect and how to use them correctly? See the most detailed guide in today’s article.

All you need to know about alginate masks

The girl lies with an alginate mask on her face.

Alginate masks came to us from Korea, which is famous for its innovative beauty tools. This mask instantly moisturizes, tightens and smoothes the skin, removes redness. What is her secret?

The main secret of the alginate mask

Seaweed under water

The main secret of the miracle of such a mask is alginate. This substance, which was obtained randomly in 1981 by American biochemist Moore Stanford. The scientist extracted iodine from brown seaweed, and received a side alginate. For this his now thank all the women of the planet. ?

Alginate is incredibly rich in minerals, vitamins and beneficial substances that it gives to the skin. In addition, the mask may include various excipients – diatomaceous earth, allantoin, hyaluronic acid salts, etc. They further enhance the visible beneficial effect of the use of alginate mask.

The principle of mask preparation

Step by step preparation of alginate mask

Alginate masks for home use are most often sold as a dry powder. For cooking, you just have to mix the contents of the bag with warm water – what could be simpler? Use only non-metallic (!) Dishes and spoons for mixing, so that the mask ingredients do not come into contact with the metal surface.

Apply such a mask should be immediately on the face, because it quickly hardens and resembles a rubber mask that follows the contours of the face. Another advantage of the mask is that it does not stick to the hairs of the eyebrows and eyelashes. Also, it does not require rinsing.

Alginate mask application method

Woman lies with alginate mask on her face.

Before you need to thoroughly clean the skin from makeup residues, dirt and sebum. You can make a light peeling or scrub for better effect. 2-3 minutes before the mask is applied, it is recommended to use a bio-accentuating serum, gel or cream on the face.

Next, apply a freshly prepared mask with a dense layer of 3-5 mm with a special plastic spatula, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Act promptly, because alginate mask quickly hardens. Scientifically, this process is called plasticization. Then take a comfortable position in a horizontal position and rest for 20-25 minutes until the mask is completely set.

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At the end of the procedure, just pry the edges of the mask from the chin and remove it with one layer from the bottom up. Alginate mask is removed quite easily and quickly. After removing the mask, wipe your face with a tonic or lotion, and then apply a serum or moisturizer. Do not neglect the last stage, because any means after the alginate mask increase their effectiveness by several times.

How often do alginate mask at home?

Girl with facial mask

Choose an alginate mask based on the condition of your skin and the desired result. Alginate-based masks are recommended for the course, applying 1-2 times a week.

Who is the alginate mask for?

Girl removes alginate mask from face

A huge plus of alginate masks is that they are suitable for any skin type – normal, combination, dry, oily and age. The alginate-based mask will make your skin smooth, increase its tone, reduce wrinkles and age spots, narrow pores, and also have a rejuvenating effect.

Have you already tried making alginate masks at home? If not, we highly recommend starting! In addition, another advantage of such masks is their low cost, which makes them available to every woman.

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