Before Special Effects: Rare Photos From the Shooting of Legendary Films!

Before Special Effects: Rare Photos From the Shooting of Legendary Films!

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In pursuit of the previous issue of special effects, we hasten to share with you a dozen more interesting photos “behind the scenes”! Well, are you ready to see how the magical world of cinema is created?

Behind the scenes: 9 amazing photos from the set of popular films

Still in doubt?

1. “The Jungle Book” 2016

Do not show these frames to children! Before Special Effects: Rare Photos From the Shooting of Legendary Films! Some things should remain magical for as long as possible …

2. “Alita: battle angel” 2018

It turns out that faces are not drawing from scratch! In order to convey the plasticity of movements and facial expressions as plausibly as possible, they first make this “blank”. By the way, the idea of ​​this film was born to the director back in 1999. Comics inspired him Yukito Kishiro about the inner growing up of a girl. However, he began this work only after the filming of Avatar.

3. “Wonder Woman” 2017

And you also thought that all this is real? Not here it was! But the scenes of the 1st World War were filmed on the basis of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain! And the character of the main character back in 1941 was invented by William Marston, who invented the lie detector.

4. “Mowgli: Jungle Legend” 2018

This is really unexpected! It turns out that’s what he was, the original tiger … And by the way, the film was shot both in the studio of Warner Brothers and on the set in South Africa. The team built a real mini-town there!

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5. “Guardians of the Galaxy” 2014

This is what a spaceship actually looks like! Green background – a real help, because it is easy to impose any background on it!

6. “Aquamen” 2018

It turns out that the effect of developing underwater hair is also the work of artists. Here is this skill! The fact is, the director initially decided to use a minimum of filming in the water in order to preserve the mobility of the characters, because in water it is almost impossible to achieve this!

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7. “Die Hard-5: Good day to die” 2013

A helicopter is not real! Although the explosion seems quite real ….

8. “Peng” 2015

Fall is not so high! Now you can relax and quietly enjoy watching a movie …

9. “Ender’s game” 2013

Did you also think that special space ships are being built for films? Why? When there is a special program, it is much easier to create any environment!

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