11 Unique Photos From the 20th Century: “Thank God, THIS is in the past!”

11 Unique Photos From the 20th Century: “Thank God, THIS is in the past!”

We have collected for you a collection of unique and historical photos that simply enter into a shock. Get ready to see how the SPF protection, face mask, dolls, makeup lessons and much more looked like!

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The world is improving and progressing every second, and every thing we use today has a predecessor from the distant past!

So, here are rare photos from the past, after which you will be glad that you live in the 21st century. ?

1. Only not with her husband …

Mask for the face

But the cult film of the last century “Fantômas” appeared later this beauty mask … Now it is clear what inspired its creator!

2. Scared the whole fish

The diver of the last century

When a diver’s suit – call the sharks! Scuba divers the past was not afraid of them, rather the opposite!

3. Do not panic! This is just a perm hair

Do you also have a photo reminded of an electric chair? On what only you will not go for the sake of beauty …

4. Men are no easier

Man shaves

Here it is – fear! Salon for real men …

5. Not surprisingly, even many adults are afraid of clowns.

20th century clown

We were lucky, as you can see, in the past clowns were just merciless …

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6. Zombie Playboy Bunny

Playboy hare

Probably anti-advertising looks like this …

7. SPF-protection of the 20th century

Protective Cape from the sun

Good and sympathetic! And, by the way, this is how they used to protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. But what a universal thing: even on the beach, even on the apiary!

8. Beauty training before the appearance of Youtube

Visage lessons of the 20th century

It turns out beauty training existed before! Thanks to the world for the Internet! Otherwise, we would also have to go through this.

9. Previously, not everyone dreamed of dolls.

20th century dolls

Dolls are different … Perhaps that is why the children of the last century preferred to walk with friends on the street. ?

10. When Santa Claus is not really grandfather …

Scary Santa Claus

The look of this Santa Claus, frankly, eerie … And would you like to have this kind of granted to you? ?

11. Mickey Mouse is clearly not in himself.

Mickey mouse past

Why the boy does not smile is understandable to everyone! Dressers seem to be in a hurry …

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