Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

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Make this wonderfully festive Christmas Tree Slime Recipe for some sensory fun with the kids this holiday!Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

We have been having SO much fun riding the slime craze at this house, with 4 kids who can’t stop playing with it and thinking up fabulous new ingredients to add in each time we mix a new batch!

We’ve made three fun Christmas themed slimes over the past couple of weeks and they’d be so great to make with the kids during the school break or even for the kids to make as DIY gifts for their friends too!

The basic recipe is so simple, uses easy to find ingredients that are readily accessible here in the UK and rest of Europe, and in my view is safer than some of the other recipes which use neat cleaning detergents as the key ingredient.

Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree


PVA, white or clear glue (also known as school glue or Elmer’s brand)

Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda in the US)

Contact Lens Solution (there are various types of this so if you click the link to the one we used you will find it works perfectly! If you can’t choose this exact one, then make sure the one you buy contains boric acid (borax) in the ingredients list. It simply won’t work without this.)

Gel food colouring

Holly and Berries Sequins


Clear baubles (optional, for gifting)

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Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

For this Christmas Tree Slime Recipe follow the simple instructions below using the ingredients from the above list

The holly and berry sequins really make this a gorgeous slime to play with, but you can of course substitute for other Christmas themed additions too!

Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

Instructions For Christmas Tree Slime Recipe:

Tip 1 cup of the PVA glue into a clean bowl.

Then add 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda.)

Mix them together.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of green food colouring and mix until you make a bright green shade.

Next add 1-2 tablespoons of contact lens solution.

Mix with a spoon until it starts to become stringy, coming away from the edges of the bowl (almost like when you’re cooking eggs.)

At this stage take it out of the bowl and knead it between your hands. It will start off sticking to them but within about 20 seconds it will firm up and stick only to itself, becoming elastic and super stretchy.

If for some reason it’s still too sticky then add just a few more drops of contact lens solution until it’s just right. Be careful as too much will result in it becoming brittle and snapping.

Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

Now liberally sprinkle the sequins over the Christmas Tree Slime and mix them in until it sparkles beautifully!

Stretch it, play with it, snip it with scissors, squish it like silly putty and have fun! ?

Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

This Christmas Tree Slime looks gorgeous when packaged up in clear baubles and tied with red ribbon and would make a perfect gift for the kids to give to their friends! It even looks fun hanging on the tree too.

We used some giant clear baubles but these smaller ones would mean that one batch of slime could be shared out even further.

Slime Cleaning Tip:

If the kids get the slime on their clothes … DON’T PANIC! I’ve now found an easy way to get clean it off by simply squirting on washing up liquid/ dish soap, leaving it to soak in a bowl of water and then washing as usual in the machine. Comes right off, phew!

Christmas Tree Slime Recipe! – The Imagination Tree

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