Condom Size | Women’s Health

Condom Size | Women’s Health

ben December 22, 2017 0

A Goldilocks-approved condom should be snug—no slipping around—without being uncomfortable for your partner.

Ideally, you’d pick the perfect size up at the drugstore. But what happens if you realize that you didn’t just as things are getting hot and heavy? Unfortunately, there’s no fix outside of getting a new pack of condoms.

“There’s no DIY option,” says Levkoff. “As fun as condoms can be, they are medical devices regulated by the FDA. That means in order to maintain the integrity of the condom, it has to be used as designed.” No MacGyver-worthy plastic wrap tricks, please.

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Instead of feeling frustrated in the moment, make buying condoms a fun part of foreplay—don’t be afraid to try different kinds until you find the right size, says Levkoff. “Rather than guessing, ask your partner what he buys and what he likes,” she says. Think of it less as an awkward question about what to put on your grocery list and more as an opportunity to get a little erotic together. “There is fun in having that conversation,” Levkoff says. “Can it be awkward? Sure. But, hey, sex is awkward. That doesn’t make it bad.” Consider this your excuse to experiment with all the options Golidlocks-style until you find one that’s just right.

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