Discover Ancient Greek Beauty Secrets

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There is something about the ancient beauty secrets that is so appealing to our modern world.
It is essentially appealing to me because they used natural ways to enhance their beauty. There was no such thing as toxic chemicals back then.
The women of Greece were all about enhancing their features, long hair and a fair complexion.

Some of their styles were intriguing.
They had different styles to represent their status.
For example, married women would mostly wear their hair tied up in a bun accessorized with flowers and jewels.
Whereas young women would curl their hair and let them flow freely to attract attention from men.

There is a reason why an exceptionally beautiful woman is called a “Greek Goddess“. So let’s find out their secrets…

  • It is said that the tree of Olives first grew in Ancient Greece. It was considered as a sacred tree because of their numerous benefits to health, skin and hair. The athletes were crowned with its leaves to honour them. They applied olive oil on their skin to protect it against sun damage. The barrier of oil also kept the dirt from clogging their pores.

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  • The leaves of olive trees were crushed to make a facial paste or mask for skin. It helped the young women relieve their skin from spots and acne.

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  • The Greek women preferred to have pale skin and rosy cheeks. They discovered the bleaching and anti-bacterial properties of honey. So they mixed honey with olive oil and applied this on their skin. They used this mixture as a body wash and facial mask/cleanser. This made their complexion fairer and kept their skin acne-free and smooth.
  • Lemons and the spell of Sun were used to lighten the hair colour. They applied some lemon juice in their hair and walked around in the gardens so the sunlight can fall on their tresses and make the hair lighter.
  • Vinegar was also used to lighten the hair in the same way as lemons.

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  • Back then an herbal infused bath was like a spa treatment. The Greeks collected various leaves of plants and dried them. They infused these dried leaves in a thermal bath along with some minerals like sea salt. Athletes especially were fond of these baths to nourish and loosen up the joints and muscles.
  • Greeks considered roses as the “queen of flowers“. They used its oil and water to soothe and nourish dry skin.

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  • Seaweed was widely used as a facial mask back then. They ground it up with water to make a paste and applied it on their skin for a radiant glow.

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  • To create a lip and cheek stain, the women crushed some mulberries and mixed it with some flowers and seaweed. It sounds odd but it worked out for them! It gave them that rosy flush to their cheeks and a subtle pink tint to their lips. Its like applying Benefit’s Cheek stain..
So these were some of their secrets. Would you use any of their beauty tips in your daily life?
Let me know if you have tried them Smile
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Take Care!
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