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Why Drinking Water is So Important to Beauty Routine

Why Drinking Water is So Important to Beauty Routine 44

This post was sponsored by Culligan Water as part of an Integrated Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own

Over the last couple of months I’ve been using my Culligan Water Reverse-Osmosis Filtration System and I have to say, it’s been so great to have filtered water at the touch of of a button. Literally! I love the little magic ClearLink Pro button that I can press to access my filtered drinking water at any time.

Why Drinking Water is So Important to Beauty Routine 45

No more plastic waste at my house with all those individual water bottles. When I need water on the go, I can just use one of my reusable water bottles and fill it up easily from my Culligan Water enabled faucet.

I’ve always looked for better ways to stay hydrated. I’ve tried everything, including a monthly water delivery service (what a waste on gas and delivery services and expensive too!) I’ve purchased water from the grocery store as needed (again lots of plastic waste and a lot of effort lugging the heavy water from my car to my condo) These days, I know that I never have to re-fuel my water supply. Therefore, I drink much more water! I love giving my kitties filtered water also, I feel like such a good cat mommy!

Why Drinking Water is So Important to Beauty Routine 46

Water is absolutely essential for a healthy lifestyle. I do strive to drink my 8 glasses a day. The more water that I drink, the less I overeat, my skin looks nicer, and I get better rest. 

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I’m also super impressed with their customer service! I can call up my Culligan rep, Arden, at any time during business hours to report any issues. We actually text because that’s the method of communication I prefer! When I had an issue to report, they were so quick to answer! The technician stopped by the day after reporting my issue and helped to resolve it. It turned out that I was operating the water faucet incorrectly (oops!) but he gave me a new button replacement anyways.

Why Drinking Water is So Important to Beauty Routine 47

  • They are super innovative, see again, my favorite LED instant water button.
  • They are known as one of the best water filtration system and water softener providers in the world.
  • Absolutely killer customer service.
  • They make sure that every day is a Good Water Day… just for you!

Why Drinking Water is So Important to Beauty Routine 48

Culligan Water is the ultimate leading solution for any water issues that you may have in the home. In my experience with Culligan Water, my rep Arden seemed to genuinely care about helping me create a higher quality of life!

Water is so essential to your beauty routine! Hydrated skin isn’t dry and “plump” skin makes you look younger and more refreshed. Using unfiltered water can actually dry out your skin so make sure that you are using filtered water in your daily beauty routine!

1. Drinking Water Relieves Stress

Just listening to the sounds of running water is recommended to help you sleep but if you are also well hydrated, it will decrease the likelihood of stress and anxiety.

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2. It helps you flush out your system

Drinking water helps to assist with the systems of your kidneys and liver so that all the toxins and garbage are filtered quicker through your body resulting in gorgeous skin and healthy body functions.

3. Water Helps with Skin Tone

Use warm water to open your pores up so that they can soak in all your beauty tonics and lotions. Use cold water to close your pores so you have a nice glow and even skin tone.

4. It’ll Help with Breakouts

Water helps the body heal faster so if you are prone to breakouts, drink extra water!

5. It Moisturizes Your Skin

Drink lots of water and you may no longer need all those expensive moisturizers in your beauty routine. Let nature’s miracle of water give you soft, plump, and youthful looking skin.

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