DIY Christmas Gallery Wall

DIY Christmas Gallery Wall

ben December 12, 2018 0
DIY Christmas Gallery Wall

You guys.. I had to! I had to get really festive at least in one area of our home. I’m not saying that my neutral simple approach to Christmas decor this year isn’t festive, but I wanted to go really festive with the red and the green and something a little quirky so this is what I did…

DIY Christmas Gallery Wall

DIY Christmas Gallery WallDIY Christmas Gallery Wall

Yup, I spent an afternoon that I was supposed to be doing a million other things totally focusing on hanging ornaments from my ceiling because sometimes that is what my anxiety does to me, I can’t focus on my huge to-do list so I hyper focus on things that let me escape for a while. Some people nap when they are stressed, some people go and work out, & some people like me have to do something creative to get our anxiety in check. So what did I do? I wanted our entryway to give a festive welcome to our guests this holiday season so that is what I did by hanging some vintage inspired painted wooden ornaments I found at Home Goods a few years ago from the ceiling. I used string & a staple gun & stapled the string to the ceiling with the ornaments attached. Honestly I didn’t do any measuring, but all I did was just eyeball where I wanted the ornaments to hang. I used this metal “Merry Christmas” sign that I found at a local flower nursery that I gave a makeover to as my guide for where I wanted the ornaments to hang. The metal sign was silver before & I decided I wanted it to be more festive & bold so I painted it a green color & used a dark wax over the green chalk paint. For this look all you need is some ornaments, string, a staple gun, & a sign. You could use any color ornaments & you could use any sign from a wooden sign to a metal sign to any size sign. If you recreate this look be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see it!! 

DIY Christmas Gallery WallDIY Christmas Gallery WallDIY Christmas Gallery Wall

Our 10 foot antique bench is sitting in the entryway below all of these festive ornaments, but you know I had to make that bench festive as well. I added some red pillows that I found at HomeGoods a few years ago & a vintage Christmas pillow from my friend Fabric Scout Studio. Of course I added a ton of texture as well like that wool blanket from Modern Wool. 

DIY Christmas Gallery WallDIY Christmas Gallery WallDIY Christmas Gallery WallDIY Christmas Gallery Wall25 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

Such a festive area & it really helped my little moment of stress and anxiety this past week to spend an afternoon doing something that I love. in a season that often times gets too busy and brings a lot of emotions like our loss and infertility it’s nice to pause and not take life so seriously. I hope that you guys pause this season to do things that you love & something that calms you. Also, I hope that you are able to make your holiday decor cozy and inviting for your family whether that’s one tree with some family heirloom ornaments or hanging some ornaments from the ceiling… I hope your decor can remind you of the blessings of family & the reason for the season. Love you all and thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to! xx 

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