Does She Adore or Neglect? HOW He Holds Your Hand, It Will Tell You About the True Attitude!

Does She Adore or Neglect? HOW He Holds Your Hand, It Will Tell You About the True Attitude!

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By the way, oxytocin, the “love hormone”, during hand holding is produced much more strongly than even during a kiss!

The values ​​of holding hands

Tactile sensations deeply affect the human psyche. According to research, holding hands even people get rid of all kinds of pain. The work of the nervous system is adjusted and the person can be cured of depression!

All this is due to the strong feeling of empathy that arises during this secret gesture.

Partner for hands can tell about our relationship more than we can imagine. Ordinary, at first glance, touching speaks of familiarity or deep respect, sincere love or disregard.

Palm down

This gesture indicates that a person is able to take responsibility, make decisions. Has a bright, strong personality. They have no doubts about their partner, and they love him very much, and they are leaders in the relationship.

Holding one finger

This way of holding hands speaks about the freedom loving of both partners. However, they are very loyal to their partner, and have a strong, deep connection.

They are self-sufficient, mature individuals who have their own interests and passions, but this does not affect the strength of their relationship.


This gesture speaks of a deep cordial connection and a strong passion between people. This is a relationship that has already moved from the “hobby” phase into a strong bond. They are honest and caring towards each other, more sensitive to each other.

Hugs for the shoulders

If your loved one is hugging you by the shoulders is a sign that he is proud of the relationship with you . Embracing the shoulders, the partner subconsciously seeks to protect you.

Your relationship is filled with closeness and you are not afraid to show it in public.

Hand hugging hand

This gesture also speaks of a strong sense of defense, which your partner wants to give you. You have a strong emotional connection, and the partners are very dependent on each other and on the relationship.

Strong squeeze

If your partner tightly squeezes your hand – this indicates that he is trying to control you. But at the same time, he is very attached to you, and seeks to take responsibility.

For the wrist

A rather ambiguous gesture. He can talk about excessive aggressiveness of your partner, or even aggression. But if the other partner supports this gesture and “embraces” his hand with his hand – this is a sign of strong intimacy and passion between people.

“My Girl”

When partners hold hands in this way, this indicates a healthy relationship, built on trust and respect for each other. This indicates the serious intentions of your partner.

Bound hand

This statement shows that the partner feels defenseless. He wants to establish himself in your feelings in this way.

A similar gesture, but it means the opposite:

This gesture indicates that the partner has a strong desire for you, he is literally obsessed with you.

Hand on top

If your partner seeks always to put his hand on yours-this indicates that he is passionately passionate about you. He literally does not want to let you go for a minute! It’s not about painful attachment, but about a deep sincere feeling.

Embrace more often and please your loved ones!)

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