Donna May Makeup Bag |

Donna May Makeup Bag |

ben December 21, 2017 0

You can always count on a working makeup artist to create an innovative, useful product that makes life easier!

 Donna May Clitheroe has 20 years of experience working in the makeup industry and has worked on shows such as Strictly come dancing and Loose Women in th UK.

 Donna May has created a line of make tools, which include a makeup bag, gown and mats.

 The makeup bag is literally the most genius bag I have seen for a while, yet such a simple idea.

It’s basically a large flat circle made from Oxford Pu fabric (wipe clean) and has a chord threaded around the edge attached to a toggle.

Donna May Makeup Bag |

 You can place all of your makeup onto it as you are using it and then once you are finished simply pull the toggle and it will fold up into a neat bag.

 Great for times when you have spread your makeup on your bed whilst you are getting ready and need to move all you products when you arrive home and want to fall into bed.

Donna May Makeup Bag |

 Also great for makeup artists to quickly move products between clients to ensure your work space is clear and also a godsend at the end of a long day shooting when all you want to do is quickly pack up and head home.

Donna May Makeup Bag |

 Pull the toggle to securely wrap everything up, pop it in your bag and off you go!

This bag is £20.00.

You can check out all of Donna May’s products and also find out more about her via her website here.

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