Elderly Couple Repeatedly Misusing Internet Meme “Cash Me Ousside”

Elderly Couple Repeatedly Misusing Internet Meme “Cash Me Ousside”

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A local elderly couple has provoked frustration and numerous corrections from their grandchildren this week by continuously misusing the 2017 internet meme: “cash me ousside, howbow dah.”

The phrase, originally a quote uttered by 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli on an episode of The Dr. Phil Show, during which she challenged the audience to a fight saying “Catch me outside, how about that?”, has gained internet fame and been viewed millions of times on Youtube.

However, the grandparents, Maurice and Delores Dinnepago, have repeatedly applied the phrase to incorrect situations and mispronounced it, according to their grandkids.


That’s Not It!!

The confusion with the catchphrase reportedly began at a Thanksgiving penny-ante poker game. After deciding to go outside for a walk, Mr. Dinnepago pushed his remaining chips over to his wife who was in charge of the money, and asked her to please “cash me out – going ousside”.

Amid groans from the rest of the grandkids, nine year old Darren immediately corrected Mr. Dinnepago. “No, that’s not it, Grandpa! It’s cash me ousside, howbow dah!”


Repeated Misuse

Although the children were not sure when their grandfather picked up the phrase, they assume he heard it from the youngest member of the family, Marley. “She was running around saying it all the time for about a week,” said 11 year old Charlotte. “If we had known Grandpa was going to start using it, we would have stopped her. He just doesn’t get what it means.”

Other incorrect uses of the phrase by Mr. Dinnepago have included:

  • “Catch me downside” – one night as he went downstairs to eat dinner
  • “Cash meal outside” – referring to a fast food drive-up window
  • “Ash me about that” – as he was helping Darren with his homework

Mrs. Dinnepago has also used the phrase:

  • “Catch meow outside” – asking Charlotte to go fetch the cat in the backyard

Each new use of the meme has resulted in impassioned pleas to stop from the kids, since their grandparents obviously do not understand the meaning of the expression.


Will Continue To Use “Cash Me Ousside”

As of press time, Mr and Mrs. Dinnepago had no intention of curbing their use of the phrase. In fact, they were reportedly over the moon at finding something to aggravate those little shits, and planned to keep using it every day for the rest of their lives.

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