Friday Faves – foodiecrush

Friday Faves – foodiecrush

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Welcome friends, and happy Friday Faves, to the all-shiny-and-new 2018 edition.

Friday Faves – foodiecrush

I’m sitting on a plane flying home a fabulous family holiday that took my little family along with my sister and her family through three cities in Vietnam and one in Cambodia in 2 weeks time.

Looking back through my iPhone photos and revisiting our travels makes it feels like a much longer trip than it was. Sidenote: I invested in the iPhone X before I left and haven’t regretted it for a second! The camera quality alone is worth it. And also, do you want to see a travel post wrap-up of our adventures?

In addition to us keeping a pretty full schedule of adventuring and seeing all sorts of amazing sights, one thing that totally made it feel like an actual vacation was that aside from sharing on Instagram stories, I was pretty much MIA from social media and blogging.

Not that this was entirely my plan, but when my laptop skitzed out of service because I didn’t use a converter plug at one of our hotels (grrrr!) and since I can’t remember my Facebook password to sign in on my phone, I was pretty much put into a forced digital sabbatical. And all I can say is IT FELT SO GOOD!

This whole experience reinforces the word I’ve set as this year’s intention, my yearly word of the year, the word I set to define and guide the next 12 months ahead.

The past 4 years my intention words have been:

  • Focus
  • Enough
  • Present
  • Thoughtful

Have I delivered on all of them? I don’t know if I can judge be the most accurate judge, but I put my best effort out there.

This year’s intention word is: Nourish.

Nourish is such an all-encompassing word that if immediately felt right when I chose it. To nourish the body, heart, mind and soul. To nourish with food, with love, and with good intentions. To nourish ourselves and others by creating a fulfilling life that aligns with our values.

Friday Faves – foodiecrush

Helping users discover and define their values is one of the main reasons I’m so proud to have co-created the Nourished Planner. But not just to help others, but for the purely selfish reason for helping me get and stay on track too.

I summed up what living what living a well-nourished life means to me in yesterday’s Nourished Planner Instagram post: “Happiness bubbles from within when we create moments and opportunities that sprout from the values we live by.”

Now that I’m back in the saddle of regular life, I’m charged and ready to get to work on defining and living my values for 2018, to create a new year filled with the things that fulfill and nourish me so I can do the same for others. Because it IS all about the bubbles of joy, isn’t it?

I’ll be sharing more of my journey and my monthly intentions bucket list in upcoming Friday Faves and I’d love to hear from you. Have you set a word of the year? Have you thought of creating an intentions list? I’m always looking for new inspiration, so let me know and share in the comments below.

Join me in defining your values and setting your own intentions with the Nourished Planner. But you’ll want to get it quick before they sell out, and if you enter ONETIME15 at checkout, you’ll get 15% off your entire order ?

But enough about me, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves.

This is such a great film on finding happiness with less, and my friend Courtney is featured in it! I could definitely stand to take a page from this. (and if you haven’t gotten her new book yet, get it!)

The filmmakers also have a podcast. ‘Tis the season to tune in.

I’m a big fan of this podcast on slow living.

And last but not least, this is a great episode on meditation (something I definitely want to incorporate more into my daily life this year).

Such a sweet little illustration of New Year’s resolutions.

Speaking of resolutions, do you love them or hate them? I agree with this article, it’s all about how you phrase things.

I also LOVE this free printable for 2018 intentions.

Something I’m committed to doing a better job of in 2018 is packing lighter! I wish I’d read this before my holiday in Vietnam. Next time I’m using this as my guide!

This is such an honest blog post on the love/hate relationship we have with social media, and I have to say, taking a few months away from it sounds incredibly enticing, because even after a week without my computer made such a big difference for me.

And I love this blog post on 5 ways to live more intentionally — they’re all so important, but I think #3 is a biggie.

Totally on trend for 2018:

This is so inspiring. I mean seriously, how many people can say they actually LOST weight during the holidays? Ashley, you go girl!


I love these 7 fitness resolutions that are better than losing weight (especially #3)!

I’m challenging myself to do this 5-minute exercise in the mornings. Who’s with me?!

Loving this super simple salmon recipe. Weeknights just got easier.

Definitely incorporating this 15-minute salmon dinner into the menu. Easy, healthy, quick — done.

Holiday leftovers crowding up your freezer? Make everything but the kitchen sink soup.

This pork tenderloin dinner is super healthy yet completely comforting.

This easy vegetarian curry is just the kind of thing I want to be noshing on for dinner right now.

These healthy peanut butter cookies look amazing (and totally not healthy). #winwin

5 yummy, healthy breakfasts to start the new year with:

Having trouble getting back into the grind? Here are 8 podcasts to help motivate your work week.

This reflections journal looks right up my alley!


This one would be great for staying positive and inspired.

Coloring is already so zen, but it’s extra zen if you’ve got a coloring book like this one.

Speaking of books, here are 6 to start your year with — (yeah Lily)!

Obsessed with the colors of these super cute sneakers —I’d definitely move more if I had these pretties on my feet.

I have a ton of new links from my travels I’ll be sharing next week, so come back ya’ll!

Okay, guys, that’s all I have for you. Happy New Year, and happy weekend!

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Friday Faves – foodiecrush

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