Girls, New Trend of The Season – Huge Ugg

Girls, New Trend of The Season – Huge Ugg

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Ugg boots or as familiar to us – uggs have long conquered our hearts. They are stylish, comfortable and warm. Over the years, the popularity of this shoe has appeared almost every girl. And we continue to love them, despite the caustic jokes on the part of men and their comparison with felt boots. Their popularity is quite understandable – for the first time in a long time, designers thought about our comfort and did not make us wear uncomfortable things, for the sake of fashion. But the latest trend Ugg shocked us.

Trendy Ugg

At the Paris Fashion Week in its autumn-winter collection shoes were presented, which caused a considerable stir. Designers offer this winter to dress in huge boots, stiletto heels with a lot of folds.

Fall / Winter Collection

In collaboration with the French fashion brand Y / Project, Ugg presented its new collection of boots and these are not comfortable shoes familiar to us. At the fashion week in Paris, really shocking boots appeared.

The boots that hit the runway were modeled in two ways – high, resembling trousers and folded, lowered, as if the model had unbuttoned the boot and did not have time to take it off. The shoes are available in two colors – black and in a brand chestnut shade of the brand.

These are not the same uggs we are used to, indispensable for shopping, walking the dog or lazy days when you just want comfort and coziness.

Also presented were Ugg – mules in a corporate chestnut color, which are recommended to be worn with straight jeans – “boiled sausages”.

Creative Director of Y / Project – Glenn Martinez said that they were going to create a unique Ugg shoes, which can overshadow all other trends.

Men are no better. They are encouraged to wear classic Ugg, but also with very tall and voluminous ones. This shoe was also designed by Glenn Martinez, a Belgian designer, and was presented in the autumn-winter 2018/2019 collection for men’s fashion week in Paris.

Girls, New Trend of The Season – Huge Ugg

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These wonderful shoes are available for sale in a number of retail outlets since September 2018. The price for a pair ranges from 250 to 1200 euros.

Designers never cease to amaze us. Every time we think we have seen everything, more and more eccentric tendencies appear in the collections. In their desire to stand out, they forget that fashion goes to the masses, and hardly anyone wants to support such trends. And what do you think about the new fashion?

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