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Cat Eye makeup is a sensual, expressive and attractive makeup-up views, not out of fashion.
This make-up is absolutely magic, just choose correctly the kind of arrows and color palette it is universal.

For applying makeup you can use different shades of pencils, eyeliner or shadows-the main thing is that the eyes have acquired oblong, slightly elongated shape with slightly raised corners.

This technique makeup is known for a long time-since ancient Egypt, and a special peak of its popularity was in the middle of the 20th century, when thus slivers the most popular lady-Sophie Lauren and Bridget Bardot.
Not less popular this technique of make-up and now-not seldom it is possible to see “Cat’s Eyes” at Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie and other beauties from Hollywood.

There are not a few options for applying such makeup, but the main principle of narrowing and lengthening the eyes remains one. This effect can be achieved through:
Drawing arrows pencil or eyeliner, and draw them can only be on the upper eyelid or both;
Shadow shading-This option is reminiscent of “smoky” make-up, but has more clarity and expressiveness.

“Cat’s eyes” can be applied as a day, as well as a solemn or evening makeup-in any case it will be appropriate, beautiful and attractive.

video by BeautybyRim

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