Hailey Baldwin Looks Amazing In Next January’s Elle I am so looking forward to this generations Battle of the Baldwins! Clearly the last winner was Alec but it ended so anticlimactically that I was left unsatisfied. I still think that if he had not landed that role on 30 Rock then one of the other brothers could have made a play for the title. Stephen had shown such promise early on with The Usual Suspects; I lost a bundle on that pool.

But that gives me all the more reason to believe the Hailey is going to be coming back with a vengeance to take out her cousin Ireland. I would not be surprised if her father had been training her this whole time, like in one of those old martial arts movies, so that she would become the ultimate…um, modeling machine? I have not worked out all the details just yet, but there is no need. These things have a way of working themselves out; usually that would be on the floor of a nightclub when they are both to drunk to stand in their high heels, but I think they are better than that. These two, and whatever other Baldwin offspring are festering out there, are sure to settle this feud on camera, just like their fathers.   


Hailey Baldwin Looks Amazing In Next January’s Elle


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Photo Credit: Photographer Nino Munñoz for Elle Spain