Here’s how this Venus retrograde will affect all 12 signs!

Here’s how this Venus retrograde will affect all 12 signs!

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Another day, another retrograde? It may seem like every time you check Insta, someone’s posting another meme about this interstellar disruption. And yep, it’s happening again. This time it’s Venus, the planet of beauty, love and harmony that’s shifting into reverse. From October 5 to 31, she’ll back up through scintillating Scorpio. Then, beginning mid-day on Halloween, she will retreat through Libra until correcting course on November 16. Fortifying partnerships will be a major theme: Venus is the planet of love and both Libra and Scorpio are the zodiac signs associated with relationships. While the current could get insane on the Sea of Love, couples who stay afloat could come through stronger than ever. (Same goes for creative or business partners, since Venus rules the arts and the way we spend our money.)

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As with any retrograde, people from the past could make a reappearance. Hoping to hook back up with “the one that got away?” This could be your golden opportunity! But wait until after November 16 to start pinning engagement rings so you can make sure things are really sealed in stone.

Here’s how this Venus retrograde will affect all 12 signs.


Trust issues could bubble up as Venus backs through your two committed relationship zones. Your attraction could cool off or you may find it hard to get in the mood. Make sure you have enough private time, but don’t pull too far back from dates and mates or you’ll have to deal with their abandonment issues. Loving feelings could return again once Venus shifts into Libra on Halloween. An old flame could resurface, hoping for a second chance. Maybe the timing is right, but don’t play with fire. Coupled Aries may have to delve into serious talks about shared finances.


Relationships could hit a speed bump while Venus retreats through Scorpio and your relationship realm until Halloween. You may decide to slow things down or an issue could rise up from under the rug. Don’t run from the conflict. The ability to navigate it like adults could strengthen your bond. From October 31 to November 16, a woman in your life (or your S.O.) may require extra support. You may feel frustrated by the lack of quality time and attention, but don’t resort to pouting, or worse spewing harsh critiques.

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While Venus slips back through Scorpio until Halloween, your perfectionistic tendencies will arise, and if you aren’t careful, you could turn them on yourself or get caught up in a “compare and despair” trap. Lasting relationships require authenticity (beyond physical attraction). But if things get a little too real for your liking, you’ll have plenty of chances to revive the romance and glamour after the 31st when Venus moonwalks into Libra for two and a half weeks. Pro tip: don’t overspend on wardrobe and hold off on any major cosmetic updates until after November 16.


Be a baller on a budget until October 31, as Venus retrogrades through your flashy fifth house. You may misread romantic signals, rushing ahead or coming on too strong. Hold off on major changes to your appearance, especially anything more permanent like cosmetic surgery, tattoos or chopping off inches of hair. An ex-flame could contact you; proceed with caution to avoid messes. Family or roommate tension could disrupt your peace from October 31 to November 16 as Venus backs into your home sector. Coupled Crabs may have to negotiate new house rules, especially if you don’t have enough privacy—or you never seem to get enough one-on-one time with bae.



Things are getting heated in the lion’s den as Venus dips back through your domestic house until October 31. Issues with a female friend—or mama drama—could flare, but don’t turn friends or your romantic interest into your sounding board. (That’s what therapists are for.) You may feel more like a sister than a siren from October 31 to November 16, a sign that you may need to pull back and do things that make you feel sexier, like going dancing with friends and developing creative hobbies.


Actions speak louder than words, Virgo, and until October 31, you make get a wake-up call about someone who’s been dangling the carrot for longer than your results-oriented sign can stand. But handing down ultimatums could also backfire. Reel in your expectations, and if you’re not an official item, keep your options open. If you’re working the dating apps, meet hot prospects for coffee sooner than later so you don’t get stuck in the “passionate pen pal” zone. Money could become a tense topic when Venus retreats into Libra from October 31 to November 16. Avoid borrowing and loaning with friends or lovers.



Retail therapy could become a little too real—and expensive(!)—with your ruler, fashionista Venus—backing up through Scorpio and your escapist twelfth house until October 31. You may have to plunge into some painful emotional waters or set healthier boundaries with bae to avoid codependency. From October 31 to November 16, Venus is retrograde in Libra. You want attention, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t get hung up on outside validation, or worse, become bratty and demanding with friends and lovers.


Have a seat in Cupid’s time out chair. Give yourself space to reconnect with YOUR needs while Venus backs through Scorpio until October 31. Not that you have to cut romantic ties—just make sure you have enough alone time to introspect and get clear on the right next steps for your life. On Halloween (or until November 16) a dashing knight or damsel could sweep you to la-la land as Venus visits your fantasy house. But is this person legit? Pace yourself or just accept that the fairy tale may be an enjoyable chapter instead of a happily ever after.



Sweet, sweet fantasy? Don’t be so quick to get swept away, Sagittarius. With Venus retreating through your twelfth house of illusions until Halloween, you will struggle to see through people’s masks. You could wind up feeling paranoid and suspicious, but unless you have proof of foul play, don’t go flinging accusations. Watch for rifts in your social circle when Venus backs into your collaboration zone from October 31 to November 16. Work harder to keep team efforts organized. Online dating could serve up some bizarre matches prompting you to log off and flirt IRL.


Stop! Don’t send that sext! With retrograde Venus hitting your technology and community sector until October 31, your bitmapped “naughty bits” could wind up circulating in the wrong, er, palms. Flirting within your friend group could get dicey too. Don’t go there unless you sense legit, long-term potential.

Experimenting with an unconventional relationship structure or online dating could also go awry, so tread (and swipe) lightly. When Venus backs into your career house from Halloween until November 16, you could go overboard “dating up,” placing too much emphasis on money, status or looking good as a pair.



Nothing wrong with having #RelationshipGoals, Aquarius. But from October 5 to 31, yours could get so Type A that they verge on Level: Tracy Flick. As a result, you may exhaust your love interest (and also your colleagues) or strain a harmonious connection. Single? Give the “power dating” schtick a rest and see if you can settle for someone who is mature and balanced enough to make time for your feelings. (And not just a nooner in their locked office between clients.) If you need to restore the loving vibes, consider revisiting a sentimentally sexy location while Venus retreats through Libra from Halloween until November 16.


Help…air! Commitments could feel claustrophobic until Halloween and you may be at risk of straying (even emotionally) or starting fights to “keep things interesting.” Pushing people away could backfire on you, however, when Venus plunges into Libra and your possessive eighth house from October 31 to November 16. Find better ways to get your “space” like going to nightly yoga or taking a girls’ trip. Reconnect with your sensuality by getting massages, dancing, a lingerie drawer revamp. Warning: After October 31, a sexy ex-lover could resurface, tempting you into a taboo tryst.


A few more fun facts

What actually happens during Venus’ retrograde is that the planet shifts from being an evening star (visible just around sunset) to a morning star, sparkling low in the sky shortly before sunrise. In between those two phases, Venus disappears from our sight, which happens this October 26. Much like a new moon, this day could be thought of as a Venus “rebirth,” offering up a chance to start fresh in all matters Venus-related, such as love, style and creativity. As the “divine feminine” planet, Venus is also the galactic guardian of women. While retrograde, she can reveal where we are unprotected—and where we need to mobilize for support and strength.

Before October 26, the evening star wind-down of Venus retrograde in Scorpio, can plunge us all into the shadows, forcing us to deal with issues involving sex and power. How and where we invest our money will also come into focus as Venus governs the things we consider valuable. After dark comes dawn, and when the morning star cycle begins on October 26 will bring amazing clarity and insight for those who were fearless about peering within and making important changes. After October 31, when Venus retreats into Libra, the sign of justice, we may see balance restored in unexpected and powerful ways.

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