How to Cook Fondue At Home

How to Cook Fondue At Home

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How to cook fondue at home

In the modern world there are many interesting opportunities, for example – to try gourmet dishes that were previously served only in restaurants, in their own kitchen. One such dish is fondue. This is a recipe from classic Swiss cuisine. The first fondue was a mixture of melted cheese and garlic cooked over an open fire. Today in stores you can buy this kind of dishes as fondue. Fondue is not always cheesy. At home, you can also pamper your sweet tooth by making chocolate fondue.

How to Cook Fondue At Home

If we return to the theme of a traditional cheese dish, then the obligatory attributes that are served to it are salt, pepper and slices of bread. Tea, brandy, wine or a grotto will be a great addition to a cheese snack. A set for fondue is called a food warmer.  The package must necessarily include a special bowl, as well as plates for the side dish and portioned dishes, which you will use for the sauce. Let’s talk about the possible options for completing the kit. The kit may have a stand for the pot, a burner, but far from always there are special forks in it. And this is a very important attribute, so you should check the equipment before buying. The more components of a set, the higher its price.

Having decided to buy food warmers, be prepared for the fact that you will be offered far from a fondue dish, as this is the general name of containers that are used to store prepared food that needs to be heated all the time. They have low sides and can be made in any form.

One of the main advantages of fondue is that it is quite simple to cook, and at the same time you get a dish for a big company. On sale there are sets that are designed for a different number of people, from 2 to 8. Cheese fondue can be put on the buffet as snacks before serving the main one. Sweet fondue is not accepted to eat a large number of people, a maximum of 4 people.

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How to Cook Fondue At HomeDepending on the design features, fondue sets are divided into two types:

• Electrically heated models are considered the best option. For the generation of heat meets the heater, powered by electricity. To cook fondue, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature, and with an electric heating element it will be much easier to do. But if you want to cook a cheese snack in nature, alas, this is not an option for you.

• The second option is equipped with a burner or works with wax candles. To regulate the temperature in the tank, a nozzle is used that rotates. Due to mobility, such a fondue is the main element of any picnic. The disadvantage is the increased fire hazard and the need to purchase supplies. Sets in which you can cook with a candle are usually very small and designed for no more than two people.

Before buying, be sure to pay attention to the equipment of the device. It is better to give preference to multifunctional models with a timer and a cover. Another important selection criterion is the capacity of the stock counter. It should be chosen based on the number of persons and the regular use of the device. Having bought such a set, you will certainly be able to surprise your friends at a dinner party and delight you with a delicious snack.

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