The Best Places In The World To Restore Youth And Beauty

The Best Places In The World To Restore Youth And Beauty

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During the long-awaited vacation, any normal person wants to relax, not only with the aim of obtaining serene pleasure, but also to restore their physical form, to restore youth and beauty to the body. This can be done during outdoor activities, with the help of wellness treatments and even alternative medicine.

Today I will tell you about the best places in the world, after visiting which you will return home vigorous, healthy and rejuvenated

Where are these miraculous places scattered around the world? Would you like to know?

Romanian “elixir of youth”

The mysterious country of Romania is known throughout the world mainly due to the most famous vampire Dracula (Vlad Tepes). In the count’s homeland there were legends about his immortality. It is no accident that the Romanian scientist Ana Aslan became the inventor of the “elixir of youth.” Charles de Gaulle, Nikita Khrushchev, Charlie Chaplin, Indira Gandhi, Ho Chi Minh, Salvador Dali and other celebrities bought this anti-aging agent.

You can go to Romania for the “elixir of youth” on direct flights .

The Best Places In The World To Restore Youth And Beauty
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Ana Aslan believed that old age is a disease that can be cured. All her life she has been developing a drug that prolongs youth, and has achieved incredible success in her business.

Once, Aslan visited a small Romanian village, where she met an old man who carried heavy logs on his back. It turned out that the grandfather was 140 years old. Ana talked with him and found out that the old man prolongs his life with simple food, clean air and modest needs. After this meeting, the Romanian scientist began to experiment and finally deduced the formula of her famous “elixir of youth.”

Lithuanian Spa Resorts

Real beauty travelers go to restore their health, beauty and youth in Lithuanian health resorts, which are surrounded by pine forests, on the picturesque sea coast or near healing mineral springs. They occupy the main recreational areas of Lithuania.

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The Best Places In The World To Restore Youth And Beauty
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Lithuanian spas use healing mud and clay for anti-cellulite treatments. The mineralized bath will give shine to your skin. After visiting the spa centers in Lithuania, you can enjoy old youth. It should be noted that the cost of such procedures is much cheaper there than in other European health resorts.

Druskininkai is the most famous Lithuanian resort in which the Soviet party elite loved to relax. Nowadays, local healing mud and mineral springs are available to everyone. Aromatic herbs, various types of massage, mud applications, galvanotherapy and other effective procedures will help you rejuvenate your body in the sanatoriums of Druskininkai.

You can restore your psychological state in the health resorts of Birštonas, in which stress therapy is common. They are in the protected coniferous forest. Even the most nervous patients in Birstonas return calm and poise.

Alternative Medicine Bangladesh

Alternative medicine Bangladesh is known throughout the world in narrow circles of initiates who visit local homeopaths, fakirs and naturopaths every year to restore health, beauty and youth. Bangladesh has developed a whole medical theory based on Ayurvedic beliefs related to the hot and cold properties of foods. With their imbalance, the human body begins to hurt. People come here to learn a balanced diet, which leads to a slowdown in the aging process of the body.

In the rural areas of Bangladesh, all kinds of healers live, whose reputation is mixed. Before visiting them, it is advisable to talk with former patients of these healers, since in Bangladesh dishonest crooks also trade in this craft.

The Best Places In The World To Restore Youth And Beauty
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It should be noted that the local population can be found both in healers and in traditional hospitals, which Bangladeshis visit after they are blessed by an imam or a brahmana, and various amulets hang on the neck and arms of patients.

Real medicine men in Bangladesh can really cure even the most advanced disease. To do this, they use local herbs and ancient recipes invented by their ancestors. Healers live in Bangladesh with entire dynasties, the fame of which has spread throughout the world.

Colombian Secrets of youth and beauty

Modern Colombia is praised for its innovative medical industry. It is worth noting that the country ranks first among Latin American states and 22nd in the world in the development of healthcare.

Many famous people for the rejuvenation of the body prefer Colombian vitamin droppers. They have long been “hooked” by the star of world pop music Rihanna.

Local residents, along with traditional methods of treatment, recognize alternative medicine. In Colombia there is an ancient ritual center of Guatavita (the Indians gave the Muiska their name to their sacred lake).

The Best Places In The World To Restore Youth And Beauty
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Its visitors bathe and treat various diseases, using the most amazing method for this. At first, the Indians take gold powder and tar on the coast, after which they rub the patient’s body with them. Then, on a raft of balsa wood, he swims to the middle of the reservoir and washes away the “gilding”. For complete recovery in the lake, you need to throw any jewelry in the form of a chain, earrings, ringlet, etc. In this case, the gods will mercifully bring recovery.

A mixture of alternative and traditional Colombian medicine here will help you to reborn again, gain strength and return to your homeland with a completely different person, ready to conquer new heights, fall in love and be loved. You will never regret listening to our advice!

Do you have the best places to restore youth and beauty? Share them with us in the comments!

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