Jeans Like New: 5 Tricks

Jeans Like New: 5 Tricks

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Jeans for many years do not lose their strong position in the most popular collections of clothes. They are so universal that you can combine them with a variety of styles. When you find your favourite pair of jeans, it’s very unpleasant when they get worn.

How to keep your jeans in order

Your favourite pants can be spoiled from frequent washing and improper care. To keep your jeans in shape, you need to adhere to simple rules. You should remember that denim is a bit different material, it does not have synthetic fibres. One of the main problems may be the colouring of the jeans, and the damage relate to the conditions and frequency of washing.

Today we will tell you about a few points that should be taken into account when caring for jeans.

Jeans Like New: 5 Tricks

Jeans need to be washed

Do not think that if the fabric in these pants is so tight, then you can clean them less often than other clothes. Dust and dirt accumulate here as often, so do not be afraid to wash, just do it right. Usually, jeans are recommended to be sent to the laundry after three to five uses.

Water temperature

Wash jeans in cold water, because otherwise the paint can shed. Among other things, do not send jeans to the laundry together with light items. Pick up black or dark blue clothes, and if the jeans are blue, then stick to the same color scheme.

Jeans Like New: 5 Tricks

The knees are fine

Sometimes jeans become elongated places at the knees areas. Most often this happens when jeans are made of 100% cotton. Even if there are a few Lycra in the fabric, then the fabric will stretch and the elongated places will be avoided.

Transforming scrapes

Jeans Like New: 5 Tricks

It happens that after prolonged wearing, jeans form scuffs and even holes. Do not worry, this can be corrected. If the hole was formed in a decent place :), just make it a kind of decor. And if you want to get rid of it, just take it to the tailor, there will be able to mend it so that it will not even be visible.

Horizontal drying

When you have washed your jeans, they should not be sent to a drying machine. It is best to unfold them horizontally, so they do not stretch and lose shape.

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