Keep Kalm or How to Calm Your Nerves at Work

Keep Kalm or How to Calm Your Nerves at Work

ben June 21, 2018 0

Oh, these workdays! How many nerve cells fell into an unequal struggle with their superiors or negligent colleagues … Is it worth it? Hardly, because the constant stress of disgusting affects our health. Yes, and productivity in this state can not wait. It turns out that we are driving ourselves into a vicious circle: we are nervous from the fact that nothing happens and make more mistakes.

How can we break this dependence? We turn to the psychologists and overhear from them a few tips on how to quickly pull themselves together in order not to harm either health or career.

Breathe deeper

Yogis were also well aware of the benefits of deep breathing, since this normalizes most of the processes in the body and gives a signal to the brain that everything is in order. It is easier to control the situation when we are at rest. When you begin to breathe freely, ask yourself what exactly you are feeling. The analysis of specific symptoms (headache, nausea, etc.) will distract you from abstract experiences and concentrate on solving problems.

Yogis recommend breathing in deeply with their noses and exhaling slowly with their mouths. Such a few breaths-exhalations will lead you into a balanced state.


What does the ship do when it needs to stop? Drop anchor! So we will do the same, only in our own way. If possible, sit comfortably and grasp the handrail or table. If you are standing, feel the floor or the ground under your feet. You can clasp your hands in the castle – “pull yourself together” literally. So you will understand that you are in place, nothing terrible happens and everything is solved.


If you are not being scolded right now by the boss, go around (it will be strange if you turn around right at the moment of a pronunciation 🙂 Deep breathe, calmly walk along the corridor, if possible – have a drink of water. So you put your thoughts in order, and the movement will free adrenaline ready to explode inside of you.


Yes, sometimes you can fly away, though not for long and in dreams. If the situation allows, try to distance yourself a little from an unpleasant conversation or a toxic person. Imagine the most pleasant moment of your life or the place where you felt good. The main thing at this moment is not to start smiling blissfully in response to the angry tirade of the boss!

These simple tricks actually allow you to maintain balance even in the most difficult situations. But it’s better to train them while it’s still good, so that at the critical moment all this could be done automatically.

Have you had working situations that you could not handle?

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