Kissed portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Kissed portrait of Marilyn Monroe

ben January 31, 2018 0

‘Lipstick Lex’ is a non-traditional contemporary art brand/business that isn’t just producing eye-catching conversational art, but spreads a positive message of love, merriment, beauty and feel-good vibes all around.
While kissing my art is no doubt a laborious technique, I believe love is infectious and something the world needs more of, so I’m spreading the positive message through my art!

I supply fine art originals to the high-end art collector as well as manufacture prints for the everyday art appreciator!

I have created many portraits of Marilyn Monroe. In fact, she was the seed that started my journey as a lipstick artist! I used to specialize in realism oil portraiture, however, back in 2011 I was challenged to create her portrait using a non-traditional technique that would correlate with her. After a lot of brainstorming, the idea of lipstick and kiss prints was born! I have been commissioned to create Marilyn utilizing my lipstick technique numerous times, however, this particular piece continues to rank as my fave!
Kissed portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Lipsticks come in just about every shade imaginable! Folks often think I work with paint when they see blue’s, green’s yellow’s etc. Here’s proof that I use 100% lipstick!

by​ Lipstick Lex