May Be It’s Enough? 7 Useless Beauty Tools That Are Not Worth Buying!

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Today we will tell you on what cosmetics it is better not to spend money, because you will not get the desired effect!

The most useless beauty products

If you believe the survey, which was held in 2017, the SkinStore cosmetic online store, then the average woman uses about 16 beauty products daily. And it is not surprising, because attractive advertising is attacking us from all sides, and sometimes it is not easy to keep from buying. But our list will help avoid unnecessary spending, because not all means are really useful and necessary.

1. Night cream

Face cream

Most manufacturers put on nightly care products unnecessarily inflated prices. Dermatologists say that if during the day you provided your skin with proper care, then there is no need for nightly beauty-matting treatments.

2. Matting napkins


Matting cosmetic wipes can be easily replaced with ordinary paper towels or a tissue. Just bold imprint on them will not be so noticeable due to the nature of the material. So, buying them, we pay for beautifully packaged pieces of paper. ?

3. Sealer for varnish


The durability of nail polish depends on its quality, but not on the fixer! The fixer will only give a glossy shine to the nails, but will not affect the strength of the varnish. So, if you want your nail polish to last as long as possible – buy a quality product.

4. Thermo hair spray

Hair spray

The fact is that the protective effect in such products is provided by silicone, which is part of them. It protects hair from exposure to high temperatures. But such protective components are present by default in any hair styling product, so there is no need to buy special thermo-protective agents!

5. Moisturizing face spray

Face cream

If you believe advertising, then these sprays help to retain moisture in the skin tissues throughout the day. But dermatologists think differently: the spray will only increase the evaporation of moisture from the skin, as a result you will get the opposite effect. In addition, the price of this product is unreasonably overpriced.

6. Neck cream

Neck Cream

The tender and thin neck of the skin certainly needs nourishment, but an ordinary face cream will be enough to care for it. Separate neck creams are just a marketing ploy that makes you spend money.

7. Stripes from black dots

Pores contaminated drawing

Strips that clean the pores, usually remove the top layer of the epidermis. It is not harmful to the skin, but clogged pores will not go anywhere. For this purpose it is better to use cleansing agents with salicylic acid, which the professional will advise.

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