Most Underrated Beach Destinations

Most Underrated Beach Destinations

ben May 26, 2018 0

A beach holiday is one like no other, it gives you the opportunity to really relax and unwind with cocktail in hand as you gaze out at a sparkling ocean from your hammock with not a care in the world. It also gives you the chance to work on that golden tan so you come back to work looking and feeling like a sun-kissed goddess. However amongst the overdone, crowded destinations such as Hawaii, the Caribbean and Thailand lays some stunning, undiscovered and entirely underrated beach destinations.

Durban, South Africa

Although most tourists flock to Cape Town, the beaches of Durban are in fact just as good, if not better. Here warm waters lap endless miles of golden beaches, alongside which visitors can enjoy fresh fruit from street vendors or even enjoy a ride in a traditional rickshaw.

New York, United States of America

Although a popular city destinations, New York has so much more to offer than just bright lights and a fast paced lifestyle. Take a few days off to soak in the beauty of New York’s beaches.

Coney Island is popular with families due to the carnival atmosphere while a few of the quieter beaches nearby are ideal for catching a quite lunch just outside the city.

Goa, India

India is the ideal, alternative beach destination and Goa is at the top of the list. Some of the best beaches in bustling India can be found around Goa and while the busier ones offer a host of activities, many of the further out options offer quiet stretches of beach surrounded by sprawling forests.

Busan, South Korea

In Busan a busy city is flanked by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here the turquoise ocean is flanked by towering skyscrapers and in the background majestic mountains emerge. A wide range of modern amenities are available for tourists, while quieter beaches are also available for those looking for a private getaway.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao is all but forgotten when one considers the trendy, Mediterranean beaches of Spain. However Bilbao offers some stunning beaches where cliffs drop off into the ocean and the more active traveler can enjoy a variety of stunning walks and hikes in this Basque region of Spain.

North Coast, Kenya

Kenya is popular for bush and beach breaks because of its variety of peaceful azure beaches and spectacular game reserves. The best beaches in Kenya can be found around Mombasa and Malindi in the south coast and this stunning beaches offer a number of luxury accommodation options flanked by cultural, historical towns.

Darwin, Australia

Darwin offers a favourable climate with popular swimming beaches which at low tide expose a number of reefs and rock pools in which children can discover tiny sea creatures. Playgrounds, picnic and BBQ areas make these beaches a firm favourite with young families and groups of friends on holiday in Australia.

Oslo, Norway

Although most often thought of as a winter destination, Norway can make for a spectacular beach destination in its summer months. Oslo’s peninsula features some great beaches including some nude options for the more daring traveler!

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Located on the West Coast of Sri Lanka, Colombo is an industrious business city that is flanked by golden beaches and turquoise waters. These golden, sandy, and often deserted beaches are ideal for an oriental beach getaway while coral reefs and shipwrecks allow for plenty of fun underwater exploration.

Belfast, Ireland

You may think Ireland is too cold to enjoy a fabulous beach getaway, but Belfast and the areas around it have some of the prettiest beaches in Europe. Stunning natural formations and green waters make these beaches visually outstanding and make for an interesting getaway no matter the weather.


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