No Regrets … 5 Ways to Fill the Weekend With Meaning

No Regrets … 5 Ways to Fill the Weekend With Meaning

ben September 1, 2018 0

We are waiting for these two days all week, but waking up for Saturday dinner, we understand that somehow it does not work out so that it is filled with new emotions. Conventional sitting on the couch with eating chips, rare walks with friends in a cafe or a movie – this is all a usual set of entertainment. And on Monday morning we understand that the next weekend is gone nowhere.

We spend weekends with benefit!

And let’s try to break this sad tradition and plan for the weekend something amazing. In addition, it does not require much effort from you. Just choose from the proposed ideas that which you prefer and embody in life.

Meeting with distant friends

Those friends who live with us in the same city often receive a dose of our attention. But what about those who have gone too far? Remember those friends and relatives who live in other cities and countries and plan a virtual meeting with them. Skype, Viber or just a phone call – all this can be used to organize a kind of gatherings.

Mindful occupation

Do you have a favorite lesson or hobby? Spend a few hours on the weekend to relax in the company of colors and canvas or beautiful embroidery. You will not even notice how the race of thoughts will calm down, and on Monday you will feel really rested.

Change the view outside the window

No one talks about relocation, but it’s quite possible to leave for a few hours outside the city. Fresh air, lack of fuss and quiet activities – all this will help you quickly recover after workloads. Usually for these purposes, you can use suburban boarding houses or guest complexes.

Try a new taste

If you like to cook, give yourself and your family a culinary holiday. Prepare something unusual, even if it’s not just lunch or dinner, but just a dessert or an appetizer, but the very preparation of this dish will already bring you pleasant emotions.

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Sunday is a special day

Start a new tradition: on Sunday, allow yourself something unusual. Let it be a wonderful breakfast or a family outlet to the cinema, or your individual walk to the park to be alone with yourself. The main thing is that you know for sure that on Sunday you will have something wonderful!

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