Nurse Goes Viral With ‘Magic’ Way Of Giving A Child Shots

Nurse Goes Viral With ‘Magic’ Way Of Giving A Child Shots

ben January 3, 2018 0

Nurse Goes Viral With ‘Magic’ Way Of Giving A Child Shots

Images via Facebook/Tiffany Shelby Marshall

No kid likes getting a shot (to be honest, as an adult they’re still less than fun). Even when you’re old enough to understand that they’re a necessary evil to keep you (and others around you) healthy, it doesn’t change the fact that getting a needle shoved into your skin hurts — plain and simple.

That’s why a viral video of a nurse performing a finger prick and giving three injections to one brave little boy has the internet cheering. This nurse has major tricks up her sleeves, and she uses them all to help the little guy get through his appointment without a single tear — and claim a major prize at the end.

The video was shot and shared by Tiffany Shelby Marshall, the boy’s grandmother. Not only did she love seeing her grandson’s personality shine during the encounter, she also wanted this angel with a stethoscope to get the props she so clearly deserves. “This was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen with this kid I almost peed myself. LIKE IT AND SHARE IT PLEASE THIS NURSE WAS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!” she captioned the video.

The boy is nervous about getting his finger pricked. But the nurse tells him she’s got a magic trick for him. “We’re gonna paint, and we’re gonna make circles on this paper right here,” she tells him. “You ready?” She quickly pricks his finger and draws up the blood (that’s the magic part). Then she helps him “paint” the blood into the boxes on the little card that the doctors need. “I didn’t cry!” he says over and over in amazement.

The world’s best nurse has one more trick up her sleeve, and it’s such an easy one, you’ll wonder why you’ve never seen it before. She gives the boy three quick injections, alternating arms each time. But her secret is that before each shot, she has the boy give her a big hug and close his eyes. No flailing limbs, no mom or dad having to hold down a screaming kid. Again, while he’s obviously not loving the experience (he lets out a tiny shriek of protest before shot three but let’s be honest — wouldn’t we all when faced with a third needle in a row?), at least the child has control and knows what’s coming, and the magic nurse gets it done without a single tear being shed. Can she come with me to get my flu shot, please?

When all of his bandages are on, the little boy bounds from the examination table and happily collects the five dollars his family promised him if he made it through the appointment without crying. He does a little dance of celebration, and you just can’t help smiling along with him.

All nurses are heroes. They wake up every day not fully knowing what they’ll face and tackle it, no questions asked. Giving kids shots obviously isn’t the most fun part of the job, yet, they manage it with patience and grace. They care for us like family, and deserve to be recognized for all their hard work and determination.

But this nurse has a bedside manner that’s truly special. Her techniques work in a way that makes the child feel empowered and you can tell she really loves her job. Is she available for special appointments? Because if so, I’m sure she would be booked by parents everywhere from now until the end of time.

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