Olive oil can replace the cream! Debunk another myth

Olive oil can replace the cream! Debunk another myth

ben June 4, 2018 0

In the press and on the Internet, you can find publications that all cosmetics for face, neck and body care are a dummy. The actions are minimal, just beautiful packaging, and besides a lot of harmful components in the composition. It’s olive oil! Buy a bottle of good quality and shine with beauty and youth after a week.

Useful properties of olive oil

On one side, oils, in particular olive oil, are good at caring for themselves. In their composition, unsaturated fatty acids, which are useful for any type of skin. Not bad response to the skin on the use of olive oil with a lack, for example, oleic or linoleic acids. The skin becomes fresh, even, velvety. But until a certain moment. It seems that if it worked now, then such a positive effect will be observed constantly, and besides, qualitative changes in skin health will only increase.

The negative influence of olive oil

But here we are and we run into the pitfalls, which were not even suspected. The thing is that with the constant use of olive oil, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes dry. This effect is observed because the extra useful oleic and linoleic acids are able to “dilute” the lipids of the upper layer of the epidermis. Hence, the dryness and tightness of the skin, and its insecurity.

Cosmetic products based on olive oil

Cosmetic creams are based on oils. In their compositions, there are components that do not “allow” to break the lipid balance of the skin. And the emulsified oil penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, nourishing them, moisturizing and healing.

Yes, if there is nothing at hand, then olive oil is an excellent way out. But not on an ongoing basis. An alternative to such care is a well-chosen cosmetic product, especially if it is recommended by your cosmetologist.

The mythic properties of olive oil

Why is olive oil treated as a panacea for aging skin? -myth? Because there are a number of issues for which there are quite specific answers. For what kind of skin, in which cases is olive oil in its pure form useful, and for which it is not? Oils work well if they are paired with fat-soluble ingredients. Just what is in jars with cream.

It has been proved more than once and not by two practices that oily skin does not always tolerate oil baths. There may be irritation, inflammation, clogging of pores. Dry skin perceives olive oil better, but again, not on an ongoing basis. It would seem, what is the danger? The film of oil on the skin does not allow moisture to evaporate. The skin remains hydrated. But soon processes are started, which we do not even guess. In the skin, the exchange of water begins to slow down, it does not flow from the depth to the upper layers. Hence, the ability to dry the skin with oil.


But how to avoid those who prefer natural products when caring for themselves. It is necessary to do skin peeling regularly . Why in countries where they themselves are abused with oils, so popular are the baths of hammam with the peeling ritual? Yes, because this procedure makes the skin smooth and smooth, which allows the oil to bring maximum benefit. If applied to untreated skin, the oil will impregnate all dead cells on the surface, and this mask will clog pores, block access to oxygen, cause inflammation, and worsen the complexion. This applies not only to the skin of the face and neck, but also to the body.

Another opinion of cosmetologists. Olive oil is best used at night – and a very thin layer, and only on well-moisturized skin. Excess oil must be removed. And apply it for 40-50 minutes before bedtime. And it is better to use olive oil as a body care. And, again, only provided that the peeling is carried out at least 2 times a week.

Believe me, if olive oil did work like creams, then the beauty industry in any case would not have stayed on the sidelines. And instead of beautiful jars on the shelves of shops there would be seductive bottles with butter. Because with the amazing effect of healing and skin rejuvenation, we would buy only olive oil, and not dummy creams.