Daisies aside) These 12 signs speak of HIS love

Daisies aside) These 12 signs speak of HIS love

Loves, does not like … In fact, it’s much easier to understand than it seems. After all, man’s actions and his attitude towards you, speak much more about feelings than words.

“I love” in the male language


They say if you want to understand the true intentions of a man towards you, you need to close your ears and open your eyes. Yes, just watch and draw conclusions.

Do not forget about yourself

There is an excuse

If he loves you, he will try to remind himself in every way about himself. Find any reason to talk with you on the phone, will send voice messages, anything you like – so long as you do not forget about it.

Can not hold back feelings

Without the mind

Usually, men are not inclined to bright expressions of emotions. But when it comes to the beloved – it is extremely difficult to restrain himself.

Of course, if your relationship is just beginning it will manifest a little differently.


When you appear, he will shine with happiness, a little nervous, silent or conversely talk without stopping.

He will try to win your attention, always be closer to you, and in every way take care. Use every opportunity to touch you.

Wah ..

His actions correspond to words


You can say anything, but when you see the confirmation of these words in practice – it’s quite another.

Caring is one of the most important manifestations of love. If you see that he genuinely worries about you, supports and cares when you feel bad – most likely he sincerely loves you.

Proud of You

Look who’s with me)

If a man is crazy about you, he will want to tell the whole world about it. Well, if he introduced you to his parents and close friends, most likely he really is serious.

Worried about you and always protects you

Protection and support

He will guide you to the door, take you by the hand in the crowd. If there is a dispute in the company, he will definitely stand on your side, even if you are not right.

He does not hide

Without secrets

If you really care about him, he will not play a double game. Even if you do not ask him, he will show and prove that you are his only one.

Is jealous

Is jealous

All men are by nature owners.) If he loves you, he claims his rights to you. And even if your guy does not like the Italian scenes of jealousy, he will be nervous and angry when you communicate with another, God forbid, smile at the same time!

He is near, when it is so important


Love makes a man caring and attentive. If you are dear to him, he will worry if you are all well, sincerely interested in your problems. Even if you do not ask, he will try to help you.

With you he will be especially gentle, attentive and gallant.

Says about a joint future

A family

And not only speaks, but also, for example, introduces you to his family, makes specific plans for your future together.

Ready to change their habits for you)


He will be ready for much, if only to spend more time with you. When a man is in love, he can even give up bad habits for you, or at least he will try very hard.)

After all, he wants to be the very one in your eyes!

Will try to please you in every possible way


When a guy is in love, he wants to please you, give gifts, make surprises. Anything, just to see your smile.

For example, he will remember the name of the book or perfume that you talked about, and give it to you at the first opportunity.

He has time for you


If a man truly loves, he will always find the time for you. Even if he is the busiest man in the world. Believe me, when he wants, he will do everything for this.

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Sincerely respects you


By results of one interrogation it was found out, that for men respect even is higher, than love. It turned out that it is better for them to remain without love than without respect. Therefore, if he respects you, it says a lot.

Male respect is manifested in the fact that he sincerely takes interest in your opinion, remembers your requests, does not tolerate neglect of you from other people.

Now you know for sure – what’s what. It is better to face the truth and make the right decision at the beginning of the relationship.

Remember that “love is not born, it is created.” And be happy, no matter what!

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