Ronda Rousey Makes WWE Debut After Signing Full-Time Contract

Ronda Rousey Makes WWE Debut After Signing Full-Time Contract

ben January 29, 2018 0
Ronda Rousey is about to enter the ring as a WWE superstar.

According to ESPN, the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion has agreed to terms with WWE to work as one of the company’s full-time professional wrestlers.

Rousey surprised wrestling fans on Sunday by attending WWE’s Royal Rumble in Philadelphia. According to ESPN, Women’s Royal Rumble Match winner Asuka, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss were all standing in the ring when Joan Jett‘s “Bad Reputation” started blasting from the speakers and Rousey’s name flashed across the screen.

WWE reports Rousey then entered the ring and pointed upward to the Wrestlemania sign hanging from the rafters. According to the organization, Rousey attempted to shake Asuka’s hand but had it swatted away. The two then reportedly exchanged a few words before Rousey pointed back up to the sign and waved goodbye to the champions.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne caught up with Rousey after the surprise appearance.

“This is my life now. First priority on my timeline for the next several years. This is not a smash-and-grab; this is not a publicity stunt,” Rousey told her in regards to her decision to join WWE. “When I first met with Triple H, I told him, ‘There are other things I can do with my time that’ll make way more money, but I won’t enjoy nearly as much.'”

Rousey is a two-time Olympian and won a bronze medal in judo at the 2008 Games in Beijing. After a successful career in MMA, Rousey lost to Holly Holm. She then lost to Amanda Nunes in an attempt to redeem a victory. However, Rousey seems to suggest wrestling is always something she’s wanted to pursue.

“It’s funny—it’s kind of like acting, in that it was something I always wanted to do but I never thought was in the cards for me,” Rousey told ESPN. “And now that I realize I really do have this opportunity, I feel like my 6-year-old self would totally kick my ass if I didn’t take it.”

Congratulations to WWE’s newest superstar.

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